Thursday, June 15, 2017


Greetings from Pennsylvania!  We are resting now here in a hotel after a long drive, including some driving in a severe thunderstorm.  Lots of pretty countryside, but too curvy for poor Flora, who always gets carsick.

Grüße aus Pennsylvania!  Wir ruhen uns von einer langen Autofahrt, die u.a. durch ein schlimmes Gewitter ging, hier im Hotel aus.  Landschaftlich war es sehr schön, aber zu kurvig für Flora, der im Auto schnell schlecht wird.  

County House in Brookville (on the National Register of Historic Places)
Amtsgericht in Brookville (steht unter Denkmalschutz) 

Wooden crocodile in the Create Cafe in Brookville
Holzkrokodil im Create Café in Brookville 

 Waiting for our food which was all home-made.
Wir warten auf das Essen, was wirklich selbst gekocht war.

 Flora liked this painting of a mother and her baby.
Flora mochte dieses Gemälde einer Muter mit ihrem Baby.

Historic district
Alter Stadtkern

Old Ford at a gas station
Alter Ford an einer Tankstelle 

Archabbey St. Vincent
Erzabtei St. Vincent

 St. Vincent ist von dem Deutschen Bonifaz Wimmer, einem Benediktinermönch, gegründet worden.

 The whole complex shows lots of different kinds of religious art.
Der gesamte Gebäudekomplex beinhaltet viele verschiedene religiöse Kunstrichtungen.

Mariä Heimsuchung?

 Wooden detail on confessional
Holzdetail im Beichtstuhl

View over from front door of the basilica
Blick von dem Kirchentor aus

 Bonifaz Wimmer


  1. Such a beautiful place. You will miss him when he leaves in September. Is he best enough to come home in between semesters? San xx

    1. The semester starts at the end of August. American students have to go home during the breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, summer), so we will get to have him home for quite a bit of the year. We need hurry now to get to the orientation. It is so nice they involve the families as well.

  2. Wieder unterwegs? Will Jonathan da studieren? Pennsylvania kommen da nicht die Kinder vom magischen Baumhaus her?

    1. Wieder zu Hause, wir waren nur zwei Tage für diese Orientierung weg. Ja, Jonathan hat sich entschlossen, dort zu studieren. Er hat fast überall gute Stipendien bekommen, bei einem College sogar das beste Stipendium, aber am Ende wollte er doch zu St. Vincent. Ich hoffe, daß er sich richtig entschieden hat.

      Ich habe diese Bücher nie gelesen, doch stimmt es wohl, daß die Kinder aus Frog Creek kommen, einer ausgedachten Stadt in Pennsylvania.

  3. Hello! Congratulations to Jonathan! Did I miss a post? Was this where he was hoping to go?

    1. No, you did not miss a post, I have not had a chance to write one. His first choice was Catholic, but their tuition exchange and scholarship money was not as good as some other offers, so he decided it was not a smart move. He got a fantastic scholarship from Thomas More College (one of two full scholarships) and I had really hoped he would go there. He also got good offers from Benedictine, St. Anselm, and of course our college. He was admitted to most honors programs. In the end, he decided to go to St. Vincent, though. He will be able to take dance classes at another college in the area there. They have a program with St. Vincent. It was really important for him to be able to take some dance classes and most of the other colleges would not have that option. There is public transportation there and so he hopes that it will not take away too much time for his "real" studies. He will major in political science with a minor in theology or medieval studies. He will also be able to take literature classes in German! I hope he will like it. He made this decision late April, but then we were packing to go to Germany, so no time to really write about it. I also felt a bit self-conscious to talk about all the emotional ups and downs that came with that decision.

    2. Oh my goodness, I can imagine. It's such a big decision and Mama and Papa have as many hopes for their son, as does their son. Perhaps more! It's not easy. We went through a lot with Korrina . . and Morgana too! St. Vincent sounds wonderful, especially how they work with the family. It's great you have access to his grades and can discuss things with him. I wish him much joy in his studies and in his dancing! What school has the dance classes? It's wonderful that they work together with other schools for different programs. You've done so well, Eva. It's not easy getting them settled. Congrats to you too :)

    3. Thanks for your understanding :) and thanks for your kind words. The dance classes are at Seton Hill University and also at Laurel Ballet in Greensburg. St. Vincent has some kind of contract with Seton Hill, so his scholarships will cover classes there as well.

  4. Hey, was habt ihr in Pennsylvania gemacht?

    1. Jonathan wird da zum College gehen, und wir mußten zu einer Orientierung dort.


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