Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Washing Winter Coats/Wintermäntel Wäsche

Look at all the winter coats I have washed!
So viele Wintermäntel habe ich gewaschen!

Veronika, Miriam, and Flora picked a huge bouquet of wildflowers, including these wild roses, to bring to an elderly lady across the street.  She was very happy to get them :).

Veronika, Miriam und Flora haben einen großen Blumenstrauß gepflückt. auch diese Wildrosen waren dabei, um sie einer älteren Dame, die schräg gegenüber wohnt, zu schenken.  Sie war ganz gerührt!


  1. Kudos on getting those coats washed :)

    My Mom used to do grocery shopping for the elderly man across the street. Whenever I delivered the groceries in the springtime he would send me back with a big armful of lilacs. They were so beautiful. His bushes were huge and always very abundant. What a lovely gift your girls brought to your neighbor, and her delight was a gift in return :) Looks like your last days of spring are happy and comfortable!

    1. Thanks, Dorina, now I need to take a few woolen coats to a dry-cleaner, but the next dry-cleaner is an hour away, not very convenient. I also still have to wash a few scarves and mittens (most of them are done, though.)

      That is a sweet story about your mom and the man across the street. The lady here is not married and quite alone. She used to be a secretary in Peter's department. We always make her something for Christmas. She is really good at doing cross-stitch. She has given us one of her pictures.

      It is pouring right now. Julius did not come home last night and also not in the morning. So, after lunch, we drove around searching for him, fearing the worst. We found him sitting in a "wild" area, meowing. I have no idea what he was doing there, it was not even far from our house. He was not hurt, just looked really confused. We took him home, fed him, and he stayed around the house all afternoon. Right now he is sitting outside, under the roof and is watching the rain. We were relieved to have him back!

      Peter had an excessive heat warning today. I do not envy him those temperatures. The hottest time during the day is late afteroon, around 5 p.m.

      And the skunk visited our back porch again!

  2. That naughty skunk!! He must stay away! I wonder what he likes about your back porch?
    That is unfortunate about the heat in Oklahoma. I hope he's been enjoying his trip otherwise. Did he give a lecture and if so, did it go well?

    Povero Julius! How strange. I wonder what that was all about. I hope he stays closer to home from now on. Julius is such a dear and I can imagine how worried all of you must have been.

    1. I think he (or she) likes the bird seed.

      It is a seminar on "Westward Expansion and the Constitution of the Early American Republic." It is quite interesting, lots of information on Western NY!!

      Maybe Julius is getting forgetful? He has not come home tonight, I will call him once before I go to bed. Maybe he is out in the yard.


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