Friday, June 10, 2016

Art and Gardening/Kunst und Gartenarbeit

 Veronika is preparing her raised bed.  Her burn got so much better that she can work in the garden again.
Veronika richtet ihr Beet.  Ihre Verbrennung ist so viel besser geworden, daß sie wieder gärtnern kann.  Sie muß nur aufpassen, daß ihre Haut nicht schmutzig wird.  

 Flora is collecting treasures for a moss garden.
Flora sammelt Schätze für einen Moosgarten.

 Dorina, I think this outfit is from your girls (still a bit to big, but she loves it!).

 Water color painting: Monk by the Sea
Wasserfarben: Mönch am Meer

Veronika: Colored pencils (Seal Disappearing in Waves)
Veronika: Buntstifte (Seehund verschwindet in den Wellen) 


  1. Hello Eva, Yes, the outfit was one the girls wore . . one of my favorites :) Veronika's top looks familiar too . . so glad her arm is better! The grass is so green and the planting beds look so summery and full of potential, and beautifully brown . . (brown is actually a favorite color for me). I finally have some herbs on my windowsill which feels nice.

    Please tell Veronika and Miriam that their artwork is beautiful. It's so nice to see, and I love Flora's moss garden :)

    1. I think that Veronika's top is also yours, we are so glad about all those clothes! Especially since another consignmenrt store that is close by (30 minutes) has also closed. I also like brown, for a long time I would only buy dark brown, green or blue outfits. As a child, I loved red! Have you ever heard about Color Me Beautiful? You can match your hair and skin tone to the colors that looks best on you. It is fun to do. I am a spring, I once had this done professionally, by a lady in Canada.

    2. I will let Veronika and Miriam know. Flora just watered her moss garden. Last night, a skunk sprayed our front door. It smells so bad! Jonathan saw it on our deck in the back of the house. Julius has to see the vet today to get that rabies shot. We have been wondering if he got sprayed too, but we cannot tell because the whole house smells so bad.

      Oh well, I also have to take care one of my German from last semester. She has to make up some lost work to get her final grade.

  2. Da habt ihr schöne Sachen gemacht und schöne Bilder. Ebenfalls schön zu hören, dass es Veronika besser geht und viel Erfolg mit dem Garten.

    1. Danke für die Erfolgswünsche. Leider haben die ersten Wegschnecken schon viel bei Miriam gefressen.

      Und danke für die Komplimente.


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