Saturday, June 18, 2016

Farmer's Market/Markt

Our village has a new farmer's market.  Every Friday afternoon, a few local farmers sell their goods.  It is not big so far, but we did find some good food.

Unser Dorf hat einen neuen Markt.  Jeden Freitag Nachmittag kann man Produkte von Bauern aus der Gegend kaufen.  Noch ist der Markt nicht so groß, aber wir haben trotzdem ein paar leckere Dinge gefunden.  

Purple asparagus
Lilafarbiger Spargel

Garlic scapes

 Here is one of my Japanese cups.
Hier ist einer meiner japanischer Becher.  

And now some yard pictures.
Und nun noch Bilder aus dem Garten.


 Our peonies do not have any flowers this year, but our neighbor's do have some.
Unsere Pfingstrosen blühen dieses Jahr überhaupt nicht, aber die von unseren Nachbarn schon.  

 Our lawnmower is not working anymore, so we are using our old hand-mower.
Unser Rasenmäher funktioniert nicht mehr.  So haben wir den alten Handrasenmäher herausgeholt. 

 At the top of the downspout is a wren's nest with young ones.
Zaunkönige haben ein Nest oben am Ende des Fallrohres gebaut.  Man kann die Jungen hören.

 I am washing blankets.
Ich wasche im Moment Decken.

Jonathan and Flora are into making bows these days.
Jonathan und Flora stellen seit einiger Zeit zusammen Bögen her.  

I met with a student on campus the other day.  Miriam, Veronika, and Flora came along and waited in my office.  The student had to finish some exams for her German 102 class.  She was ill during the semester.  

Ich habe mich neulich mit einer Studentin getroffen.  Sie mußte noch zwei Klausuren nachholen, weil sie krank geworden war.  Miriam, Veronika und Flora haben in meinem Büro gewartet.  

 Miriam, the professor.
Miriam, die Professorin.

 Silly Flora
Alberne Flora

Foreign language reading room
Lesezimmer der Fremdsprachenabteilung


  1. I thought you called MIriam the professor, not because she was sitting in an actual professor's chair and desk, but because she was sitting in the chair and looking out the window without any open books on the desk and contemplating the universe :) Isn't that really what all professors do? Look out the window and contemplate life? Maybe just Philosophy professors! Ah well . . maybe that isn't so amusing . . to an actual professor who works so hard :) Maybe it's what professors would LIKE to be doing . . maybe it's what we would all like to be doing . . wow. I'm really rambling this morning! Your Farmer's Market is really nice and the vegetables look so fresh and delicious. I never make garlic scapes!! Isn't that silly? Do you just saute them in butter or oil? My girls went through a big bow making period also! They really enjoyed working on them. Of course Chanda wanted to shoot at everything in sight . . and lost several arrows across the wall downstairs in the courtyard . . I was glad when she finally went to an archery class with a friend for awhile and was able to work on archery skills for a little bit.

    You are very fortunate to be able to hang your blankets and coats so easily and efficiently outside on a line. It must feel very good to have clean blankets. Your spring cleaning is going well :)

    I really like hand lawn mowers, though it is a lot of hard work! They're good if the lawn isn't too big I suppose. Everything is so green now! Today is the solstice! Have a wonderful day :) xoxo

    P.S. I hope Julius manages to stay away from the little wrens!

    1. Well, Miriam could have been doing that. She likes to think about things :). I think some professors do that, others do not have time to do it. Actually, if you walk through our building (where my office is and also Peter's), you see all kinds of offices: with a lot of books (history, philosophy, religion, political science, psychology, languages) and almost no books (business, accounting). My office has a lot of books, but not really on my desk. I normally have papers to grade there :), but not much paper now because the semester is over. Peter's desk is full with all kinds of things . . .

      Yes, you cut them and sautee them in butter or oil. They cook quickly, but burn easily. They are great this time of year.

      Jonathan wrote an entry on his blog about the bow making here. Funny, only Flora has shown interest in these bows, not the others. Here are quite a few men that go shooting with bows in the fall.

      It would be hard for me not to have a clothes line. Can you hang things in your courtyard?

      The push mowers are good for small lawns, but our lawn is so uneven that it is hard to use. That is why we bought an electric one, but now it is broken.

      Julius cannot reach those wrens, they are way too high for him. Last night a mouse ran into the dining-room again in the evening. It must be the soap-eating one because the soap in the drawer has been nibbled at. We also had a chipmunk in the kitchen that fled into the basement. We have no idea if it is still there. We left the garage door open all day and hope it escaped. We also put the trap down there, though. I guess we need the trap for the mouse up here, but the chipmunk is more important right now.

      Happy solstice to you too. We read the children's version of "Midsummernight's Dream."

  2. Oh, and thanks for the pics of the Japanese cups. They're very pretty and must be so fun to use :)

    1. I like the size, they are perfect for small hands (children's hands).


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