Monday, June 13, 2016

Pointe Shoes and Rosary/Spitzenschuhe und Rosenkranz

 Old and new
Alt und neu

Charlotte is sewing the ribbons and the elastic on her new pointe shoes.  Flora thought that this was a fascinating endeavor.

Charlotte näht Bänder und Gummis an ihre neuen Spitzenschuhe.  Flora hielt das für ein faszinierendes Unterfangen.

 Trying on pointe shoes
Anprobieren der Spitzenschuhe

Here she is posing with a new T-shirt, my brother gave her for her birthday.
Hier führt sie stolz ein T-Shirt vor, welches mein Bruder ihr zum Geburtstag geschenkt hat.  

 And this afternoon we practiced the order and names of the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary.
Und heute nachmittag haben wir die Reihenfolge und Namen der freudenreichen Geheimnisse des Rosenkranzes geübt. 

 Here, Flora, Veronika, and Miriam practice the names of articles used during the Mass.
Hier üben Flora, Veronika und Miriam die Namen der Gegenstände, die man während der Messe benutzt.  

 This picture is for Dorina: the Dutch egg cup.
Mein neuer holländischer Eierbecher, auf dem Flohmarkt gekauft.  


  1. I love the egg cup! Where did you get the rosary cards and the Mass cards? They would be great for Ben and Pip. Xx

    1. Unfortunately, they are out of print. I bought them directly from Jody at my very first homeschool conference in Buffalo, many, many years ago. Adoremus Books only sells her prayer sequencing strips here now. She made so many of these materials, but not any more. What a shame!

  2. We love and use those rosary cards, too! Hope your summer is off to a great start.

    1. Do you have any of her other materials? I wish I had bought more when they were still in print, but we were on a very tight budget. Wishing you good luck with finding the books you listed.

  3. Thank you for my Dutch egg cup picture! It's very pretty. So cheerful :)

    What pointe shoes did Charlotte decide to get? Does she enjoy sewing them :) Chanda will often listen to a book on tape.

    1. Now I still have to take a picture of those six Japanese cups!

      She bought Bloch Sonata ones. I am not sure if she enjoys sewing them. Normally, it is too loud here to listen to a book on tape, so she has never tried to do that. Maybe I suggest that to her in case she does the sewing at night, when smaller (and louder) people are in bed.

    2. I bet those Japanese cups are very pretty!

      It's very loud here when Chanda plays her violin!

    3. They are, but look more Italian or Austrian than Japanese! I would have guessed they were made in Japan just by looking at them.

      Do the neighbors ever complain about Chanda's playing?


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