Friday, June 10, 2016

Vet and Gardening/Tierarzt und Gärtnern

Julius had an appointment with our vet today.  He needed his rabies shot and also had a check-up.  He does not like to ride in the car, and shortly before arriving at the vet, he vomited all throughout the car.  The assistants of our vet were so good about this.  They cleaned out his carrier and of course also cleaned up Julius.  He weighs 11 pounds and is quite healthy.  He got his shots (not just tetanus, but also feline leukemia), received a flea and tick treatment, and had some tartar removed from his teeth.  I think he was glad to be back home again, though.

Julius war heute beim Tierarzt.  Er mußte gegen Tollwut geimpft werden (eine Pflichtimpfung für Katzen im Staate New York).  Er fährt nicht gerne Auto und hat sich dann auch kurz vor der Ankunft bei der Tierärztin übergeben.  Die Tierarzthelferinnen haben sich ganz lieb um ihn gekümmert und ihn und sein Katzentaxi gesäubert.  Er wiegt fünf Kilo und ist gesund.  Sie haben ihn geimpft (auch gegen Katzenleukämie).  Danach wurde er mit einem Zecken- und Flohmittel behandelt.  Dazu kam noch Zahnsteinentfernung.  Ich glaube, er war am Ende aber ganz froh, wieder zu Hause zu sein.   

Jonathan built a grate for Veronika's garden bed.  She is going to try the square foot gardening method.

Jonathan hat ein Gitter für Veronikas Beet konstruiert.  Sie möchte die Methode des Quadratgärtnerns ausprobieren.   

Veronika, Miriam, and Flora made supper while I did a lot of ironing!
Veronika, Miriam und Flora haben Abendbrot gemacht, und ich habe viel gebügelt!


  1. Poor Julius didn't see that coming! Thank goodness it's over. I hope your car wasn't too bad and that it was just in the carrier. And I wonder how you are dealing with that skunk smell? Oh, too much to do.

    It'll be fun to see what Veronika plants in her special bed :) And what did the girls choose to make for dinner?

    1. No, we had not told him :). The car still smells when it gets hot. I did use a pet odor cleaner, but I guess it is not so effective. I wrote more about the skunk smell in my other comment.

      I ordered some seeds for Veronika, among them saltwort, cosmos, borage, and marigold. She has already planted some bush beans and maybe tomatoes? I have to ask her again.

      They made Chebe bread and a salad. We eat our big meal at lunch, so there was not so much to do.


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