Saturday, June 4, 2016

Spring Cleaning/Frühjahrsputz

Cleaning UNDER the bed, cleaning all the wooden slats, and rotating the mattress (I also washed the wall behind the bed.)
Putzen UNTER dem Bett, alle Holzlatten reinigen und die Matratze wenden  (Ich habe auch die Wand hinter dem Bett feucht abgewischt.)

Peter did some yard work and Miriam and Veronika showed me two young robins outside.
Peter hat im Garten gearbeitet, und Miriam und Veronika haben mir zwei junge Rotkehlchen draußen gezeigt.  

 Young robins in our yard
Junge Rotkehlchen in unserem Garten


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, I also washed all the bedding (blanket, bedspread, etc.). I now need to get a special down comforter detergent so I can wash the down comforter.

      I just looked up how far it is to get to your place, it is about the same distance from my parents to my brother in Bonn. I sent you a short note.

  2. we've been spring cleaning too! luckily it hasn't been too hot so it is very doable . .

    1. It was really cold today, we did not do a nature walk. I am only doing these extra cleaning tasks on Saturdays so far. I should do them more often, but there seem to be too many other things to do.


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