Saturday, June 11, 2016


Today we took Peter to the airport.  He will be attending a seminar in Oklahoma.
Heute haben wir Peter zum Flughafen gebracht.  Er nimmt an einem Seminar in Oklahoma teil.  

 Lunch at Taste.  They were having a book sale.
Mittagessen bei Taste.  Man konnte auch Bücher kaufen.  

 They had fresh lobster specials.
Ihre Tageskarte hatte frische Hummerspezialitäten.

 Riding Sandy at Vidler's
Ein Ritt auf Sandy bei Vidler's

 In a few months, Veronika will be too old to ride her.  I guess technically, she should have stopped riding her when she turned 10 . . . 
In ein paar Monaten wird Veronika für diesen Ritt zu alt sein.  Kinder, die älter als zehn Jahre sind, dürfen auf Sandy nicht mehr reiten.  Vielleicht hätte sie schon an ihrem 10. Geburtstag damit aufhören sollen?  

 A treat at Starbucks

 Saying good-bye
Auf Wiedersehen!


 This is a new Starbucks and they have tried to make it nice outside.
Dieses Starbucks ist neu, und sie haben versucht, es draußen einladend zu gestalten.

Lots of flowers
Viele Blumen


  1. My girls rode those horses for a very long time too and I would cringe when they would get on it . . That Starbuck's treat looks awfully yummy!

    Well, you must miss having Peter around but time will go by fast . . of course you are probably very annoyed at that skunk smell . . I'm sure it would be nice to have him home to help deal with it . .

    1. This is a very, very old horse. I think that is why they htave the sign there. I am glad that pretty soon there is no excuse for her to ride anymore. She is getting to big and, as you said, I also cringe.

      It was some kind of frappucchino, I think. She loves it.

      Yes, I do miss him. There are so many little things he does, breakfast prep, garbage, lawn mowing, grocery shopping, etc. But I do have five good helpers, so the work does get done. Righ now, we are also dealing with ants again, on the kitchen ceiling light fixture. They are walking there in circles. This afternoon I found out that they are walking from the shed to the house wall via the clothes line. There is a tiny hole in the wall. Somehow from that they must get to the light. I put some Terro on the clothes line and around the hole. It is all black with ants eating the poison. I am very happy that I found where they are coming from. We had no idea what to do with them up on the lamp. You cannot put poison there!

      The skunk smell is getting fainter. I washed the entrance with water and an enzyme cleaner. It has not disappeared, though, just gotten weaker. I don't think Peter could do anything else, either. It just takes time.


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