Monday, June 30, 2014


It is quite hot here, so we are taking it easy.  Peter sent some church pictures from Vienna.  Some of the churches we saw last year, but here are a few we did not see!

Es ist hier sehr heiß, und so kommen wir beim Lernen nur langsam voran.  Peter hat uns ein paar Kirchenfotos aus Wien geschickt.  Einige deser Kirchen haben wir schon letztes Jahr gesehen, hier sind aber ein paar, die wir noch nicht kennen!


 Maria Theresia/Franz I

 Franz Joseph, Elisabeth (Sissi), Rudolf


 St. Anne's Church: Yes, there is Burger King in Vienna




  1. Beautiful!

    Happy Solemnity of the Precious Blood!

    1. I don't have any pictures today because Peter now is attending his conference all day long, but isn't he lucky? I don't think he will get to do so much sightseeing this week, but who knows, maybe he will send some more pictures.

      I am out of memory cards and need to order a new one. They are really expensive here.

      And again, happy solemnity!

  2. Hello Eva,

    The churches are lovely! I'm glad he sent the pics to you. I'm sure you are all enjoying seeing the places he can visit!

    1. Yes, and some place he writes or talks about we all know and then it is even more special. Unfortunately, he cannot send pictures this week anymore because he is staying in some government building for the conference. Those buildings don't provide internet services for visitors because of security reasons. So we cannot e-mail this week. That is sad!


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