Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Planning Next Year/Planung für nächstes Jahr

It is still hot, so I have been thinking about next school year, so far only for Jonathan. This is what I have come up with so far:

Apologia Biology

The Elegant Essay
Saxon Algebra 2
Easy Grammar
Ark and Dove Religion
Center for Lit: Custom Lit Course
Historical Novels II: The Red Badge of Courage, By What Authority, Lances of Lynwood, The Ballad of the White Horse
Modern History: Light to the Nations 2

Im Moment suche ich Bücher für nächstes Schuljahr zusammen.  Für Jonathan habe ich für die Haupfächer die folgenden Ideen:

Der elegante Aufsatz
Algebra 2
Diskussionskurs über Welt- und amerikanische Literatur von Center for Lit
Historische Romane: Das Blutmal (auch Die Flagge des Mutes oder Das rote Siegel), Mit welchem Recht?Die Lanzen von Lynwood, "Die Ballade des weißen Pferdes" von Chesterton
Weltgeschichte der Moderne  

I am still working on details for art, music, foreign languages, handwork, etc.
Ich brauche aber noch weitere Bücher für Kunst, Musik, Fremdsprachen usw.


  1. Hello Eva, It's so nice to come visit and see the wonderful ideas you have for next year :). I've been at Sturbridge almost every day. I had a break last Friday and Saturday, and that was it. I was going to go on the computer those days, but I downloaded several bogus updates and messed up the laptop! It took Greg three days to fix things, and then I was back to running up and down I84 again . . Also, Korrina has been with me (which has been nice) but it's kept me from staring at a computer screen and visiting cyber friends. Today I am alone while Morgana takes care of the camp kids (8 to 10 year olds who dress up and do different activities around the village). I'm sitting in a coffee shop with the computer. I was trying to see if she really needs a German language proficiency certificate under the au pair temporary residency permit. I called the Austrian Consulate but the person who could help me isn't in until 2 pm. Time is slowly running out! They leave July 11th . . ay yi yi.

    Anyway, it is getting hot here also. I haven't been able look at all your days but hope to catch up in this next week. And I hope to post a little too.

    Love to all of you from all of us in Massachusetts and Connecticut these days . . !

    1. Thanks for your compliment. I hope all these materials will work out. I am trying to find things that will work with Jonathan's way of learning, that will cover all requirements and bring him closer to finishing high school.

      I have messed up Peter's computer like that. He always says I have that special "aura" that seems to interfere with machines, including computers. We normally have to take it to the computer help desk on campus to get it fixed again.

      So nice, you have Korrina all to yourself. That probably does not happen often. Enjoy that special time!

      The living history museum close to Rochester also has these programs where children can live like children used to live a hundred or more years ago. Too bad that it is so far from here, otherwise that would be a great summer camp idea for us too.

      Have you found out about the language requirement? July 11th is coming up soon, that is for sure! Are they first going to Paris? (I thought that was the plan.) I found this Austrian document that said you have to prove that you have had German in school, or have taken a language course, or have had one semester of college German in order to work as an au-pair.

      I am glad that you are okay. I was wondering if something had happened!

      Yes, it is quite muggy here, although tonight it is better. We have the fans running.

    2. It's very muggy here today. I'm hoping it only rains when I'm NOT on the highway. I'm praying for that too :)

      Thanks for the link to the Austrian document. I'm hoping this requirement is not set in stone! The Consulate's website says that third country nationals (I'm not sure what that is) need to show proof of proficiency. I finally spoke with someone yesterday afternoon at the Consulate. She said I should just put down on the application the language school in Austria at which she will be taking German and that should be fine. I hope so, as Morgana has not taken an official course. She's only been studying on her own with the program you recommended to me and with Duolingo. Do you know of an outline that gives what German Level 1A is comprised of?

      In regard to computers, maybe your aura is just too strong for them :)

    3. I'll send you an e-mail about a typical German 1 course! I do think that she has to show that she knows some German! It says otherwise you will not get the visa. Third country nationals? I assume that means not from Europe, at least that is how the term is used in Europe.

    4. That is what Peter always says about my "aura." He is hesitant to hand me is electronic devices :).


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