Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lake View/Seeblick

This is what Peter is seeing these days:
Peter genießt im Moment diesen See:

 View from my mother's cousin's house
Blick vom Haus der Kusine meiner Mutter



  1. Beautiful! The photos make me want to take a vacation.

  2. Have I ever mentioned that my brother and his family live in Thonex, Switzerland? My grandparents lived in Geneva. My grandmother's cousin lived up in the Swiss Alps. The last time that I visited was in 1993, but my two oldest daughters went there in 2006 and my brother has offered to pay for my oldest daughter and oldest son to visit within the next year or so. Switzerland is a beautiful country!

    1. I knew that there was some French speaking background in your family, but not from where! That is exciting! My grandmother's sister moved to Switzerland with her husband. She has passed away, but my great-uncle is still alive and my husband just visited him. He is 95 and still lives in the house I used to visit so many times during my childhood. He has three children and they all live around Neuchâtel. How did your grandparents end up in Geneva? Are they Swiss? Is your brother Swiss now? So wonderful that your two children will be able to visit. For how long? Will they take language classes? Funny, that we both have Swiss relatives.


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