Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Buffalo: Part 1/1. Teil

Well, I still have all those Buffalo field trip pictures.  We had a guided tour with some other homeschoolers.
It was cold!!  This is what we saw.

 Approaching downtown
Blick auf die Innenstadt

 St. Joseph's Cathedral (I posted some pictures a while back when we had a homeschool Mass with the bishop.)
Die St. Josephs Kathedrale (Ich habe schon einmal Fotos von der Kathedrale gehabt, als wir bei einer Messe für Heimschüler mit dem Bischof waren.)

 View of the Liberty Bank, originally the German American Bank: It has two statues of liberty because Buffalo had more incoming immigrants than New York City at one point.
Blick auf die "Freiheits Bank", die ursprünglich die deutsch amerikanische Bank hieß.  Man kann zwei Freiheitsstatuen sehen, weil Buffalo einmal ein größerer Einwanderungsanlaufshafen als New York City war.

 St. Joseph's Cathedral 
St. Josephs Kathedrale

 County Building

 Washington monument in front of it
Washington Denkmal davor

 Abraham Lincoln ist hier mit Präsident Fillmore in die Kirche gegangen.  Dieses Gebäude (siehe unten) ist das älteste (1833) in der Innenstadt, doch ist es keine Kirche mehr.

 Church building Lincoln visited.

 View of city hall
Blick aufs Rathaus

 New court building in the Brutalist Style
Neues Gerichtsgebäude im Brutalistenstil

 Old and new
Alt und neu

 McKinley Monument to remember McKinley's assassination in Buffalo in 1901
Das McKinley Denkmal, das an den amerikanischen Präsidenten McKinley erinnert, der 1901 in Buffalo ermordet worden ist.

 Outside, behind the columns, view of ceiling
Draußen hinter den Säulen, Blick auf Decke

 Seal of Buffalo

We also went inside, but those pictures I will upload tomorrow.
Wir sind auch hineingegangen, doch die Bilder davon, gibt es morgen. 


  1. Impressive architecture, looks like you had an interesting trip x

    1. You know, I had never been downtown Buffalo (only in a hospital six years ago), somehow we never go there because it is kind of far from us. But I war surprised how much there is to learn about how it all came about. I still don't think it is very pretty, but I can appreciate it much more now. When you start to learn what the people thought when they built the different buildings you understand them more. At one point Buffalo must have been very pretty.

  2. Thank you for sharing. The Cathedral is beautiful and the architecture is amazing. We don't have very many old buildings around here. I have always been impressed with the architecture of older buildings.

    1. You are very welcome, Christine! The cathedral has actually windows from Germany (Bavaria). I know what you mean when you crave old buildings. For me, having grown up in Germany, that is something I do need to see once in a while. And not just see, but also smell. There is such a different smell about older buildings. I love traveling in the very east of this country and Canada. It is much older and so much like Europe, especially Quebec! I have been in the west, but was always drawn to the places that had some older buildings, like San Francisco.

  3. Interesting pictures of Buffalo! The City Hall ceiling is beautiful. The "Brutalist" style is horrible!!! We have a building here on Seventh Avenue that has no windows. It was recently renovated. M and C and I think it's a travesty. Imagine working all day with no windows to view the outside! It sounds like torture to me. How can people think of outside as being a distraction? It's refreshing! Invigorating! It keeps one sane! Americans are nuts.

    1. It is, isn't it? The guide said that it was copied from Russian communist styles. When he said that, I had to think of all the ugly buildings in the former eastern half of Berlin. They were also really bad. He said the people wanted to have a court building like that because they felt that a building without windows would help them to be better judges. I would die in a building like that. I already hate sleeping in American motels where you cannot open the windows :).

    2. Yes! These motels make me feel claustrophobic! I really do not like staying in motels. Also, many buildings in Manhattan don't have clean windows! This drives me crazy. They would all look so much better if they would just clean their windows!

    3. Whenever we go and visit Peter's parents, we spent two nights in a motel. Those are horrible nights for me. I so detest the smells in those hotels and do not like the air-conditioning and all! It is so loud and just awful.

      Are the dirty windows a recent development? I wonder if people simply don't care anymore.


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