Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Turtles and Cobbler and Everything in Between/Schildkröten und Schuster und alles dazwischen

Jonathan rescued a turtle from a busy street this morning -- no, it was not a snapping one.  It was "resting" on the yellow line.

Jonathan hat heute morgen eine Schildkröte von einer stark befahrenen Straße gerettet.  Sie saß einfach auf dem Mittelstreifen.

We had lunch in the airport as a farewell meal with Peter.  He is going on a trip to Europe to give some talks and attend some conferences in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and Vienna, Austria.  He has also a long list of people he is going to see.  (Peter, why does Transit Road not go through anymore?  It does not run into 20A anymore, they blocked part of it!)  

Mittagessen gab es im Flughafen.  Es war ein Abschiedsmahl für Peter, der beruflich nach Europa fliegt!  Er hält Vorträge und nimmt an zwei Tagungen teil (Wien und Neuenburg in der Schweiz). Dazu will er sich mit vielen Leuten treffen.  

Once you are out for such a long ride, it is wise to squeeze in as many errands as possible.  Here we are waiting for the optometrist to reopen the shop.  Jonathan had bent his glasses while playing basketball and our optometrist always adjusts them for free.

Wenn man sowieso so weit fährt, ist es immer gut, mehrere Fliegen mit einer Klappe zu schlagen. Hier warten wir vor dem Optikerladen, der gerade Mittagspause hatte.  Jonathans Brille hatte sich beim Basketballspielen verbogen, und die nette Optikerin dort richtet die Brille immer kostenlos.  (Wir haben unsere Brillen dort gekauft.)

Doing grocery shopping next to the optometrist.  Notice the airplane shopping cart!
Lebensmitteleinfkauf gleich nebenan.  Ein Flugzeugeinkaufswagen, wie passend!

 Roses at the entrance to the parking lot
Rosen bei der Parkplatzeinfahrt

Jonathan's sandals also needed to be fixed, so we stopped at the cobbler's to see if he had five minutes to spare to sew them.  He did (such a great family business) and explained some of his equipment to us.

Jonathans Sandalen mußten repariert werden, und so hielten wir noch beim Schuster an, um herauszufinden, ob er fünf Minuten für Jonathans Sandalen übrig hätte.  Die hatte er auch, die Sandalen sind wieder heile, und der nette Mann hat uns auch noch einige seiner Maschinen erklärt.  

Don't ask me what Veronika is doing here :).
Keine Ahnung, was Veronika hier tut :).

Now it is dark and quiet -- and some dishes are calling, but Charlotte and Jonathan have already started them.

Jetzt ist es dunkel und ruhig, nur der Abwasch ruft, aber Jonathan und Charlotte haben damit schon angefangen.


  1. Our friends once rescued a turtle on the Taconic Parkway! I'm so glad Jonathan was able to help this one. We love turtles. We once found one on Cape Cod on a side road. We moved it to someone's garden.

    I love the pic of Peter with the children, and the "going off to the plane" shots. I send you a big hug for these next few weeks. I always miss Greg very much when he goes on business trips, even though the girls are so grown up.

    We have too many chain stores opening up in the city. I know how you feel about family businesses. They're much nicer to patronize.

    I used to be such a grouch about those kinds of shopping carts when the girls were little. I think I found them difficult to push. I actually feel bad about it now. I wish I had been more obliging. Funny, the things one remembers! If I'm ever blessed with grandchildren, I'll push them around all day in carts like that if they want!

    1. Quite impressive of your friends. Did they stop the traffic? Jonathan was lucky, we were driving on that road pretty early, there was not much traffic, but normally lots of big trucks go by.

      It is always easier to have two parents at home and not just one, I agree. When he is gone, I have to be father and mother at the same time. That is sometimes hard.

      We also get more of the chains, right now Dollar General is opening a branch in every small village it seems. Annoying!

      But children love those! They are not pretty, but to a child they feel special. They are just hard to maneuver, that is what I don't like about them. So good, you will give your grandchildren a chance.

  2. Einen Schuhmacher! Toll! Ich wüsste nicht, wo es hier noch einen gibt. Ausser natürlich für orthopädische Schuhe. Aber da kann man sich keine gewöhnlichen herstellen oder reparieren lassen. Schade. Ich finde es schön, dass es bei euch noch Schuhmacher gibt.

    Und ja, die lieben Brillen verbiegen sich so leicht!

    1. Wirklich? Ich dachte, die gäbe es noch überall! Bei meinen Eltern gibt es auch einen. Wie schade, so geht wieder ein Stück Handwerkskunst verloren.

      Jonathan hatte sogar seine Ersatzbrille dabei. Da war auch etwas nicht mehr so wie es sein sollte und sie wurde auch repariert.

  3. Ein netter Einblick in euren Tag! Ich glaube, Veronika auf dem letzten Bild macht ein Tänzchen - bestimmt ein Schuhtanz. :)

    1. Wahrscheinlich, so ein Schuhplattler aus Bayern, nicht wahr?

  4. Aw you must all really miss him when he goes away, that shot of Miriam looking at P behind the close doors is very poignant.

    Well done for fitting in all those errands, I love the shoe repairer slogan! We are fortunate enough to have a cobblers in town, however they did such a good job on repairing Dave's sole on his shoes, that the tops came away from the bottom due to the unequal tension!!! Dave really did need a new pair of shoes and I think the old pair were letting him know in no uncertain terms! :-)

    Hope you are all having a good week.

    San xx

    1. The children are always very sad when he leaves, especially Veronika. But Miriam was very sad also.

      That is funny that the shoes came apart again. Did you take them back and ask them to fix them again?


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