Sunday, June 8, 2014


Wishing everybody a wonderful Pentecost!  We went to our own little church, but you can watch the Pentecost Mass in Rome here.  Now our midday prayer will go back to the "Hail Mary" (Angelus).  Between Easter and Pentecost we have been praying the "Queen of Heaven" prayer.  I don't have any new pictures, but I never posted our pictures from Ascension Day because it was so close to the ballet recital.  We went to a different church for Ascension Day because all the Mass times around us did not work out for us.  Veronika told me to take the following pictures.

Frohe Pfingsten!  Wir sind in unsere eigene kleine Kirche gegangen, aber man kann die Pfingstmesse in Rom hier sehen.  Jetzt wird unser Mittagsgebet wieder das Angelus werden ("Engel des Herrn"), nachdem wir zwischen Ostern und Pfingsten "Freu dich, du Himmelskönigin" gebetet haben.  Ich habe keine Fotos heute gemacht, aber ich habe immer noch Fotos von Himmelfahrt, die ich bisher nicht hochgeladen habe, da wir an Himmelfahrt mitten in den Schwanenseevorbereitungen steckten.  Wir sind an Himmelfahrt in eine andere Kirche gegangen, weil die Kirchen in unserer Gegend alle keine passenden Messzeiten hatten.  Veronika hat mir gesagt, ich sollte die folgenden Fotos machen.    


  1. What a beautiful little church! It was a nice day of Pentecost for you. We were busy with dance recitals. I'm glad you posted your photos. I meant to put up our white dove mobile. Perhaps I can do so now in the morning.

    Frohe Pfingsten :)

    1. I have to get out mobile. It needs some new doves so badly. Whenever I put it away, they get all tangled up. Do you have a good way to store it?

      The church is quite nice, but kind of far from us. I went their ages ago, just with Jonathan and Charlotte, but the distance would not be good for an every Sunday church.

    2. We used to go to a church uptown, but now when we go it's to the nice Episcopal church just a few blocks away :)

      I store our mobiles in tissue paper and then in a plastic ziplock bag, and then in a bin :) The doves are tied around an embroidery hoop, so I try to lay them down within the circle and then gently lay the yarn on top. It usually doesn't get too tangled. Right now the doves' wings are looking a little woebegone. They could use new ones.

    3. Good advice here. Ours it just in a heap on a shelf in a closet. Not very smart, I know. You are so right, the wings are always the trouble spot.

  2. Happy Penetcost to you all! Lovely pictures of the church it looks so bright and cheerful.

    Hope you have a good start to this week today.

    San xx


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