Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Day/1. Weihnachtstag

 Moroccan chicken stew with apricots and chickpeas over white rice and a green salad
Marokkanischer Huhntopf mit Aprikosen und Kichererbsen, dazu weißer Reis und Salat

 Dessert: Mandarin oranges and Baumkuchenspitzen
Nachtisch: Mandarinen und Baumkuchenspitzen

 Opening the first boot on the 12-Days-Of-Christmas-Wreath
Der erste Stiefel am 12-Weihnachtstagekranz wird geöffnet.

 A necklace with a penguin
Eine Kette mit Pinguin


 "Ice Skating"

 Is this a good walking stick?
Ist das ein guter Spazierstock?

Reading: Johann's Gift to Christmas (how a mouse helped to create "Silent Night."
E.T.A Hoffmann: The Nutcracker and the Mouse King (the original German story)
Lektüre: Ein Bilderbuch über die Entstehung des Liedes "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht" aus der Sicht einer Maus
E.T.A. Hoffmann: Nußknacker und Mausekönig


  1. Merry Christmas Eva. We had a sunny day . . the first sunny Christmas day in quite a few years. It was so sunny that outdoor family pics were difficult! Your grey Christmas walk looks very pretty :) And your Christmas books look wonderful :) Your Moroccan chicken stew looks delicious!

    1. Merry Christmas again to you! Sunny?? Not here, we have not seen the sun for weeks. We are also supposed to get lake effect snow tomorrow and have planned an outing towards Buffalo. We will see how that goes. Thanks for your kind words. Have you ever read the "real Nutcracker"? Kind of funny, actually.

    2. Years ago we read the full "original" Nutcracker. Yes, I think it is a very unusual and funny story!

    3. Not so much like the ballet, I think. I actually found a modern German movie made out of it!

  2. Lovely snow! It's warm here, and we would have liked dome snow for Christmas.

    1. We are about to get lake effect snow :). I am glad it is cold, at least for Christmas. I should try to send you some snow, but I am afraid it will have melted by the time it reached you.


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