Monday, December 21, 2015

Last Advent Sunday/Letzter Adventssonntag

Here you see us singing Advent songs and reading Advent stories and poems.
Hier singen wir Adventslieder und lesen Adventsgeschichten und -gedichte.  

And crafting, but we cannot say what.
Und wir basteln, aber wir sagen nicht, was wir machen.

And baking.
Und wir backen.

 How do you like my ring holder?  My thoughtful husband gave me this wonderful kitchen gift a while ago.
Wie gefällt mein Ringhalter?  Mein umsichtiger Ehemann hat mich mit diesem wunderschönen Küchengeschenk vor einigen Monaten überrascht. 

And the Amish are building an addition to our neighbor's house. 
Und die Amische bauen einen Anbau an das Haus unserer Nachbarin.  


  1. Your singing sounds so beautiful :) It warms my heart xoxo And the cookies look delicious!

    1. My pleasure, Dorina. I think we have been pretty good with the baking this year. But five children eat them up so quickly!

    2. Yes, I was just thinking how you have lots of nice treats this year, but that they get eaten quickly!

    3. Miriam baked some more cookies today, a kind she likes a lot, but decided not to bake. So she took over.


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