Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Eve II and Christmas Day/Heiligabend II und 1. Weihnachtstag

Frohe Weihnachten
Merry Christmas

 Flora is showing Lavender the Christmas pyramid.
Flora zeigt ihrer Puppe Lavendel die Weichnachtspyramide.

 Her Aunt Ellen gave her lots of cute little cats.
Ihre Tante Ellen hat ihr lauter süße Porzellankätzchen geschenkt. 

 Jonathan is reading in My Battle Against Hitler.

 Trying out the new watercolors
Wir malen mit dem neuen Wasserfarbkasten


Wir lesen ein Buch von Tasha Tudor.

 Our neighbor gave us a puzzle.
Unsere Nachbarin hat den Kindern ein Puzzle geschenkt. 

 Christmas dinner

 Roasted eggplant salad
Gegrillter Auberginensalat

 Chicken sausages

 Roasted vegetables
Gegrilltes Gemüse

 Chocolate mousse
Mousse au chocolat

 Opening the first Christmas stocking
Öffnen des ersten Weihnachtsstrumpfes

 Arranging cookies
Anrichten der Weihnachtsplätzchen


  1. Replies
    1. Merry Christmas to you also, I am still working on Christmas letters and presents, but we want to send things out together and not the presents without the letters to save postage. This year I have earnestly thought that maybe it is time to stop doing such a complicated letter in two languages. It is taking away too much time.

      We have been enjoying your cake and tea. The cake is gone now, but there is still tea left :).

  2. Hello Eva,

    It's so nice to see your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day pictures. Everything looks so magical and beautiful :) We also had sparkling cider, and your chocolate mousse dessert looks delicious! I think Morgana would like to read the book Jonathan is reading. I shall have to recommend it to her. My favorite picture is of Peter reading to Flora in his blue apron (that is also one of our favorite books).

    Enjoy these magical twelve days :)

    Lots of love,
    Dorina xoxo

    1. Thanks, Dorina. After posting all those pictures I have become a bit lazy. I don't feel like taking many pictures right after Christmas. I did take a few, but Flora has taken away "my" (it is hers, of course) camera, and I am not sure where it is hiding.

      The sparkling cider was a hit with the children. We had never bought that brand from California (!) before. Peter bought it again today for New Year's Eve :). The chocolate mousse was great, I used a German recipe.

      The book is wonderful, I have been reading in it myself and kept reading and reading.

      That is Peter's German apron. My parents gave it to him. He must have just finished doing dishes, I do not recall. The book is perfect for Flora because her doll Lavender is so important to her. She got it as a Christmas present.

      Yes, we are kind of still in celebration mood here, although Jonathan and Charlotte have a lot of Latin catch-up to do. Almost all the December work has to be made up because they did not hand anything in during illness (Charlotte) and rehearsals/performances. But we do have time off until January 11, I believe. I guess I should check my calendar.

      I hope you also find time to just enjoy the season.

  3. Schöne, stimmungsvolle Bilder! Wir hatten früher auch immer einen echten Baum mit Kerzen. Das Essen sieht sehr lecker aus ... Gab aber sicher viel zu tun?! Aber ihr habt ja grosse, fleissige Kinder ;)

    1. Keine echten Kerzen mehr oder keinen Baum mehr?? Ich erzähle immer meinen Studenten, daß die deutschsprachigen Länder echte Bäume mit Kerzen benutzen. Ja, das ist immer Arbeit, aber wenn alle mithelfen, geht es schon.


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