Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mystery Caterpillar/Geheimnisvolle Raupe

I think I've identified our mysterious caterpillar.  It doesn't seem to be a caterpillar at all, but the larva of the dogwood sawfly.  No wonder I couldn't find it in our moth and butterfly nature books!

Ich glaube, daß ich unsere geheimnisvolle Raupe identifiziert habe.  Sie scheint gar keine Raupe zu sein, sondern die Larve der Dogwood Sawfly.  Kein Wunder, daß ich sie nicht in unseren Motten- und Schmetterlingsnaturführern finden konnte.     

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  1. I don't know why we would have a dogwood sawfly larva, because we don't have any dogwood in our yard and neither have our neighbors. It must have gotten lost.

  2. very lost! i wonder if it came in on something else . . if it dropped on a neighbor's car . . or a planting that was given to someone from a friend's garden . .

  3. There aren't many cars here and we found it in our backyard. It must have crawled a long way from the street to get to our porch. I haven't even heard of anybody complain about eaten dogwood. I guess, we'll never know.


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