Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Main Lesson Pictures/Bilder von unseren Hauptepochen

Today we read about St. Wendelin of Trier as our saint of the day.  I always try to remember not only the saints venerated in this country, but also in Germany.  It gives us an opportunity to learn about German geography as well.  St. Wendelin was buried in St. Wendel, a small town in Germany. 

Miriam and I worked on the 7 times table while reviewing all the old ones. 

Patter-Paws the Fox : And Other StoriesDuring her reading time, she reads the fable collection by Brien Masters, Patter-Paws the Fox : And Other Stories

Charlotte drew many triangles today and measured/calculated their perimeter. 

Charlotte with a knotted 3-4-5 triangle/Charlotte mit einem geknoteten 3-4-5 Dreieck

Jonathan finished his picture of Hannibal crossing the Alps. 

Pippi Longstocking (Puffin Modern Classics)We also wrote down a list of the most important dates during the three Punic Wars.  He will copy that list into his main lesson book tomorrow.  Then we will take a break from Rome and revisit it later in the year.  Our new block will be astronomy.  We started a new read-aloud book after lunch: Pippi LongstockingWe're reading the German version Pippi Langstrumpf.   

We worked again in our yard to get everything in order before the first snowfall.  We've made good progress.  It's amazing how much more you get done when your children are somewhat older!

Pippi Langstrumpf (German Edition)Heute haben wir über den heiligen Wendelin in unserem Heiligenbuch gelesen.  Wir lesen immer einen Heilgen des Tages, wobei ich auch versuche, einige deutsche vorzustellen, die hier in Amerika nicht so bekannt sind.  So kann man auch deutsche Landeskunde einflechten und heute z. B. über St. Wendel reden.  Miriam hat das 7er Einmaleins geübt und abgeschrieben.  Sie liest auch die schöne Fabelsammlung Patter Paws the Fox von Brien Masters während ihrer Lesezeit.  Charlotte hat viele verschiedene Dreiecke gezeichnet und deren Umfang berechnet.  Jonathans Bild von Hannibal ist fertig geworden.  Wir haben auch eine Liste mit den wichtigsten Daten der Punischen Kriege vorgeschrieben.  Morgen schreibt er diese Liste ab und dann machen wir eine Pause mit den Römern, die wir später wieder aufgreifen werden.  Weiter wird es mit Astronomie gehen.  Unser neues Vorlesebuch nach dem Mittagessen ist Pippi Langstrumpf.

Heute nachmittag war wieder Gartenarbeit angesagt.  Es ist erstaunlich, wieviel mehr man schafft, wenn die Kinder ein bißchen größer werden!      

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  1. hello eva! what beautiful work you are doing! and i'm glad you were able to get things done in your garden. that must feel very satisfying!

    m is enjoying the sequential spelling. she is playing catch-up . . and so that's why we do several a day (she would do 3 or 4 lessons if i had the time!)

  2. Die Idee mit dem Schnur-Dreieck finde ich besonders toll!
    Und die Hannibal-Zeichnung ist wirklich schön!

  3. You are bringing back such many wonderful childhood memories! Trier was one of those places that really stuck out in my mind as a child - the beautiful cathedral, the ruins, so much history. We also visited Luxembourg on that trip. I liked castles, and Luxembourg had some good ruins to tromp. I was only twelve, but my parents always let me taste the wine. I think Trier is where we tasted Mosel wine. My parents took us touring every chance they had...I grew up touring castles, cathedrals, and ruins. Great memories and probably the beginning seed of my love for European history.

    I'm looking up the peat bogs of Germany(Hanover). Those bog corpses are always fascinating...I'll have to show my son.

  4. Thank you, Dorina. Yes, it does feel good to get some order into our jungle. . .

  5. Alexandra, Trier is a beautiful place, my uncle and his family live close by. The wine along the Mosel is pretty good. My dad loves wine. His favorite wine comes from the Freiburg (Baden) area. Every year he would go onto a wine tasting tour and bring back some bottles. We always had a wine cellar. We were also always allowed to taste wine, even as children.

    You were very fortunate to see so many sights as a child. My parents also always traveled with us and showed us lots of Europe. I do miss the opportunity to do travels like that here.


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