Saturday, October 23, 2010

Art Projects/Kunstprojekte

Key to Algebra - Books 1 thru 10Land of Heroes: A Retelling of the KalevalaIn addition to gymnastics and ballet, Charlotte is reading the Kalevala with me on Saturdays.  We didn't get to read it in fourth grade, but are enjoying it now.  Jonathan works on an introduction to algebra with me on Saturdays.  During the week he works on lessons in Key to Algebra to practice the concepts he learns on Saturdays.   

It was very rainy today, so we could not work outside in the yard.  The children got out some art supplies and started to work on different things.  We also did some cleaning chores.   

Jonathan: Practicing perspective drawing/Übung im perspektivischen Zeichnen

Charlotte: Practice with Drawing Textbook/Übung aus dem




Cleaning in the bathroom/Putzen im Badezimmer

Neben Gymnastik und Ballett lese ich samstags mit Charlotte die Kalevala.  Wir haben es im vierten Schuljahr nicht geschafft, sie zu lesen, aber holen es jetzt nach.  Mit Jonathan arbeite ich samstags an einer Einführung in die Algebra.  Während der Woche übt Jonathan den neuen Stoff dann in Key to Algebra.   

Es hat heute sehr geregnet und so konnten wir nicht draußen weiter den Garten winterfest machen.  Die Kinder haben daher alle an Kunstprojekten gearbeitetEs gab auch noch ein paar Putzaufgaben.   

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  1. Lovely pictures of Flora helping, she's a real sweetie!
    We are on mid term break at the moment and trying to spend time with friends. Benedict and Pip still under the weather, we use a fish and flax oil supplement as well as homemade elderberry syrup as found in festivals, family and food.
    Blessings San x

  2. Thank you, San. Flora loves to clean -- especially to spray things with cleaner until everyting gets soaked.

    I hope that Benedict and Pip will recover soon. When you say fish oil, is it cod liver oil (with vitamin A and D) or fish oil (without the vitamins)? I know there is a big debate about vitamin A in fish oil, but I think that the cod liver oil with the vitamin A acutally helps more than the plain fish oil.

    I've made elderberry syrup too, but this year I haven't found any elderberry around here. It's not very common here. So we had to buy some. I still owe you an answer to the Halloween. I haven't forgotten.

  3. We use a combination flax and fish oil supplement that contains vitamins A and D. We also use ferraglobin which is an iron, B complex and zinc tonic.

    The kids are now much improved it is just me coughing like crazy!!

    San x

  4. When I get coughs my coughs seem to linger for a long time too. An anthroposophical doctor in North Carolina recommended a special cough syryp with spongia tosta. It was from Washington Homeopathy. I know that you probably won't be able to get it in the UK, but maybe the ingredients can be found in a similar product. Here's the link.


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