Saturday, October 2, 2010


I still have a bad cold, but am slowly improving.  Have a great weekend everybody.

Ich habe immer noch eine starke Erkältung, aber sie scheint besser zu werden.  Allen ein schönes Wochenende. 

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  1. Feel better! We've had a lingering cold here as well.

  2. Thank you Alexandra. Colds seem to be going around here in our village. My children haven't really been very sick so far. Their immune systems must be better.

  3. hello eva, yes! we must have a new york state cold! morgana too. i need to go to bed in another minute and sleep.

    about the hairbun: i don't use much aveda at all. just a little on the fingertips, and then a little more to smooth after the bun is done. also, i do use a pony tail holder . . making it as tight as i can. and then another important part is to TWIST the hair as you wrap, and pin the twisted hair as you wrap . . placing the pins kind of through or under the pony tail holder. good luck! let me know how it goes for class this week. (and that's funny about the caterpillar! i'm growing curiouser and curiouser!)

    i'm glad to hear you are on the mend! me too . . albeit, slowly!

    guten nacht! (that's like the extent of my german, unfortunately).

  4. Hoffe dir geht es heute schon etwas besser!

  5. Dorina,

    I did the bun your way today (minus hair net and gel,etc.) and it looked much better. It still think it is a little bit too thick for my taste -- I mean it's sticking out somewhat. I'll get to practice again on Thursday.

    Gute Besserung (I hope your health and of course Morgana's will improve also -- this one is kind of hard to translate). Gute Nacht!

    p.s. We'll look at more caterpillar books in the library soon.


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