Friday, September 24, 2010


This afternoon we watched four deer which ate the crab apples in our neighbor's yard.  One was a young buck!

Charlotte continued studying trees.  We used two German books today: Was gibt es im Wald? and Der Baum.  Charlotte then started to draw a big tree, but she hasn't really gotten very far. 

Jonathan studied the fight between the Horatii and the Curatii.  He also started a picture about the part where Horatius' sister begs him not to fight the Curatii. 

The Complete Adventures of Curious George, Anniversary EditionMiriam studied some more weather sayings.  Next week, we'll move to a new block of main lessons.  She also read in a Curious George collection after I had read one of the stories to Veronika.

Veronika caught the bird fever (like her big brother).  She drew a golden eagle.

Flora helped in the kitchen washing turnip greens.

Tomorrow will be Veronika's first day of ballet.  We got out her ballet clothes and adjusted the elastics on her ballet shoes (they've been worn by her two older sisters already).  She's very excited.

Heute nachmittag haben wir Rehe und einen jungen Hirsch beobachtet, die die Holzäpfel von unseren Nachbarn gefressen haben.

Der Baum.Charlotte hat sich weiterhin mit Bäumen beschäftigt.  Diesmal mit den beiden Büchern Der Baum. und Was gibt es im Wald?.  Sie hat auch angefangen, einen Baum zu zeichnen, ist aber noch nicht weit gekommen.  Jonathan hat über den Kampf der Horatier und Curatier gelesen.  Er hat dann ein Bild von Horatius und seiner Schwester begonnen, die ihn bittet, nicht gegen die Curatier zu kämpfen. 

Miriam hat weitere Wettersprichwörter gelesen.  Nächste Woche fangen wir einen neue Hauptepoche mit ihr an.  Sie hat auch lange in Curious George gelesen, woraus ich Miriam heute vorgelesen habe.  Einige Bücher davon sind unter dem Namen Coco auf Deutsch erschienen, z. B. Coco kommt ins Krankenhaus

Veronika hat das Vogelfieber von Jonathan bekommen.  Sie hat einen Steinadler gemalt. 

Flora hat mir beim Waschen der Steckrübenblätter fürs Mittagessen geholfen. 

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  1. What a lovely golden eagle! Good job Veronika!

  2. Hi Eva! :) The bird book with the Golden Eagle is a beautiful book. Can I ask the title? Thank you so much for sharing your days with us. I can't tell you how many books I've requested from the library based on your blog. I really appreciate it!

  3. Hope Veronika enjoyed her ballet lesson.
    Just an update to let you know that I've ordered the Grade 2 syllabus from Oak Meadow and have also checked out the Right Start Math website. If I need to use additional maths resources then I will buy from them.
    Hope you have a blessed week end

  4. Hello Lauri,

    The title of the book is "The Book of Eagles" by Helen Roney Sattler. It's one of my son's favorites on this subject. Our library has it.

    I'm glad that you enjoy our book discoveries as much as we do. Have a great weekend.

  5. Marie and Marlis (M&M),

    Thanks for the compliments. Veronika was very happy.

  6. Hello San,

    I'm so glad you found some good materials for your son. My daughter (Charlotte) has really enjoyed RightStart Math and my son has learned a lot with their middle school curriculum (geometry).

    Wishing you also a wonderful weekend.



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