Saturday, September 11, 2010


The Man Who Walked Between the TowersWe read The Man Who Walked between the Towers to remember 9/11.  It tells the story of Philippe Petit, a French aerialist, who connected the twin towers with a tightrope and spent an hour walking, dancing, and performing on it.  All this happened while the towers were still under construction. 

Miriam and Veronika discovered our learning cards Treasures of the Earth.  They were fascinated by the crystals, rocks, gems, and gemstones.  They asked me to take a picture of their favorite specimens.

We're still organizing for the next school year.  I spent most of my day indoors except when I took the children to get milk at the Amish farm.  The children helped their daddy clean out the garage.  They swept it and got rid of the spiderwebs.  Now it looks great. 

Zum Andenken an 9/11 haben wir das Bilderbuch The Man Who Walked between the Towers gelesen.  Es beschreibt den Luftakt von Philippe Petit, einem Franzosen, der ein Drahtseil zwischen die beiden Türme des World Trade Centers gespannt hat und eine Stunde darauf balanciert ist.  Das war im Jahre 1974, als die Türme gebaut wurden.

Miriam und Veronika haben unserer Lernkiste entdeckt, die Treasures of the Earth heißt.  Es befinden sich u.a. Karten über Kristalle, Edelsteine, Halbedelsteine und andere Gesteinssorten darin.  Sie wollten, daß ich ein Foto ihrer Lieblingssteine mache. 

Wir räumen immer noch Bücher hin und her.  Ich habe die meiste Zeit damit drinnen verbracht, die Kinder haben ihrem Vater jedoch geholfen, die Garage zu putzen und von Spinnweben zu befreien.  Sie sieht jetzt wie neu aus.  Einen kleinen Ausflug habe ich aber auch gemacht:  Mit den Kindern habe ich Milch beim Amischebauernhof geholt. 

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  1. hello eva, thanks for the reminder about philippe petit. i'm going to look the book up. it would be nice to read again . . and a nice way to remember the twin towers.

  2. We love that book! I also loved the adult version of this story, "To Reach the Clouds." It's just a fascinating story.

  3. hello eva, i was wondering . . where do you buy your main lesson books? we liked the 13x13" square from paperscissorstone, but they no longer sell them. morgana was also wondering where you took your beautiful "untrodden paths" picture at the top of your blog? she thinks it's very nice. thanks for your help. best, dorina

  4. Sara, I didn't know there was an adult version. I have to check our library. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Hello Dorina,

    I normally get mine at A Toy Garden. You can buy two basic kinds there. My son (7th grade) uses the ones for middle school students. I like it that you can buy all the main lesson books with onion skin.

    I'm also registered with Mercurius. They sell everything you could ever want for Waldorf schols. They have a large selection of main lesson books, but you have to buy in larger quantities.

    I have to disappoint Morgana, now. I didn't take the picture on top of my blog, it is a public domain picture. I thought it would go very well with the name of my blog. I'm glad she likes it.

    Were you already in New York City when the Twin Towers were attacked? We only heard it on the radio -- we don't have a TV. I remember our neighbor coming over and telling us . . . Even my father in Germany called immediately to express his horror.

  6. Hello Dorina,

    I just noticed that my "Mercurius" link doesn't work. I'm trying it again:


  7. thanks eva, for the links. i like getting mercurius items . . i used to have a friend that would go in on it with me. about 9/11, we were living in brooklyn at the time . . and were on cape cod when it happened. i'll never forget going into the deli that morning for a paper for my husband in wellfleet with chanda in my arms and hearing the cashier mention a "tower" going down. we came home to everyone's "war" stories. i kept the media out of it for the children (no tv, radio or newspapers for them, k was 8 at the time), but we talked about it and heard about it from all our friends. also, when we came around bay ridge on the parkway in the car on our way home . . it was at night and we felt we could see the bright energy of where they once stood.

  8. This must have been a very difficult for you and other people in New York City. I don't know how I would have reacted. It's hard to imagine.


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