Friday, December 29, 2017

Pipes Frozen/Rohre gefroren

It is so cold that the pipes in the downstairs bathroom have frozen: No hot water!
Es ist so kalt, daß die Rohre im Bad unter gefroren sind: Kein heißes Wasser!

We watched The Bells of St. Mary's today.  We had a DVD from the library, but you can also find it online for free here

Heute haben wir Die Glocken von St. Marien auf DVD gesehen.  

Some of us still have coughs that are very persistent and do not want to go away.  I tackled the ironing and mending pile today and have made good progress.

Einige von uns husten immer noch.  Der Husten will einfach nicht weichen.  Ich habe die Bügel- und Nähwäsche in Angriff genommen und gute Fortschritte gemacht.  

 Christmas dinner: Moroccan chicken stew with apricots, chickpeas and green salad
Weihnachtsessen: Marokkanisches Hühnerfrikassee mit Aprikosen, Kirchererbsen und einem grünen Salat

Cranberry Semifreddo
Moosbeeren Halbgefrorenes


  1. Christmas dinner looks delicious! I started watching The Bells of St. Mary's. We saw it a few years ago. It's nice to see again.

    I hope you're doing alright with those frozen pipes . .

    1. Thanks, Dorina! We also watched "Christmas in Connecticut." The actors, except "Felix" were only so-so, but it was kind of funny. It is hard to find movies that have a Christmas theme, but can be watched by everybody, including Flora. Yesterday we watched "Die Feuerzangenbowle."

      The pipes are still frozen downstairs in the bathroom. We are glad we have the upstairs one although the shower is not in the greatest shape there. When you switch it to shower, the faucet to the bathtub still keeps running.


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