Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mini Nutcracker/Kleiner Nußknacker

Flora and I did not attend the small performance of the Nutcracker last weekend (I thought it would be wiser to save our energy for this week), but Miriam took some pictures for us.  She could not take pictures during the performances, so most of the ballet pictures are from the dress rehearsal.

Flora und ich waren nicht bei der kleinen Nußknackeraufführung letztes Wochenende dabei (ich habe es für klüger gehalten, unsere Energie für diese Woche aufzubewahren), aber Miriam hat ein paar Fotos für mich gemacht.  Sie durfte keine Fotos während der Aufführung machen und daher sind die meisten Fotos während der Generalprobe entstanden.  

I baked some cookies for two receptions after the performances.
Ich habe Kekse für zwei Empfänge nach den Vorführungen gebacken.

 Drive to the performance
Fahrt zur Vorführung


Peter went to the bookstore while the girls were warming-up
Peter hat es sich in einem Buchladen gemütlich gemacht, während die Mädchen sich aufgewärmt haben.



Some of the cast
Einige der Tänzerinnen

 Charlotte as sugar plum fairy
Charlotte als Zuckerfee


  1. So lovely to see the videos of Charlotte, bravo 👏🏻💐❤️💃

    1. Thanks, San! She told me to take them down because she made mistakes in them, but I told her that this was just for my blogging friends, so it was not such a big deal :).

  2. Kudos to Charlotte! It's not easy dancing in that small space. She's lovely, and she has a wonderful strong presence and a bright smile xoxo And please tell Veronika that she also looks lovely in her costume. I like the cap and the knickers. I always prefer wearing pants rather than dresses. It's so much more comfortable.

    That's the life for Peter! :)

    1. No, the space was tiny and the floor slippery. She also was unhappy with her "attitudes" (I still don't quite understand what she means by that.) She does have a good stage presence and seems to be sure of herself. Veronika was the perfect naughty boy at the party scene. She does quite well in this role.


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