Monday, March 27, 2017

Regent's Canal/Regent's Kanal

Lots of sunshine today!  After our morning work and lunch, we decided to take a walk along Regent's Canal.  Peter first taught and then was at the Tate Modern with the other professor and his wife to check the gallery guides for the students. 

Viel Sonnenschein heute!  Nach unserer Morgenarbeit und dem Mittagessen, sind wir nachmittags am Regent's Kanal spazieren gegangen.  Peter mußte erst unterrichten und hat dann die Gallerieblätter für die Studenten bei Tate Modern überprüft.  Der andere Professor und dessen Frau waren auch dort.  

 King's Cross/St. Pancras Station
Bahnhof King's Cross/St. Pancras

 Regent's Canal
Regents Kanal

Islington Tunnel, 873 Meter lang, von 1818

 House boats

 This stretch of the canal was used to bring in ice from Norway to keep London's food cool.
Auf diesem Kanalstück wurden Eisblöcke aus Norwegen angeliefert, die Londons Lebensmittel gekühlt haben.

 Pretty decoration
Schöne Malerei

 Bookshop on a boat!
Buchladen auf einem Boot!

 Inside: Lots of children's books
Innen: Viele Kinderbücher

 Pretty wildflowers
Hübsche Wildblumen

This stretch is closed right now because of construction work.  So we decided to visit a tiny nature park at the canal: Camley Street Natural Park.
Dieses Stück ist im Moment wegen Bauarbeiten geschlossen.  Daher haben wir den klitzekleinen Naturpark an der Camley Street besucht, der direkt am Kanal liegt.

 Map of the park
Lageplan des Parkes

 I love, love these flowers: Snake's-head Fritillary.
Ich finde diese Blumen so schön: Schachblumen.

 Wild tulips?
Wilde Tulpen?


 Consulting our German bird book
Nachschlagen im deutschen Vogelbuch




 Was es im Moment zu sehen gibt.

St. Pancras Station: We saw a Eurostar!
St. Pancras Bahnhof: Wir haben einen Eurostar gesehen!

Back home, we had to eat and then there was my German skype time.  The connection was pretty bad today.  It was already bad last week.  Flora played soccer outside in the courtyard with our three male neighbors: Noah, who is not even 2, his dad, and with another young man, who is an intern at a nearby hospital.  She had lots of fun, but I could not take pictures because I was skyping.  It is so nice to have good neighbors!  

Zu Hause mußten wir dann schnell essen, weil ich heute abend mit meinen Studenten Skype machen mußte.  Leider war die Verbindung wieder schlecht.  Flora hat draußen im Hof mit unseren drei männlichen Nachbarn Fußball gespielt: Noah, der noch nicht 2 ist, seinem Vater, und einem jungen Mann, der zur Zeit Praktikum in einem Krankenhaus in der Nähe macht.  Sie hat großen Spaß gehabt.  Leider konnte ich nicht fotografieren, weil ich ja meine Studenten unterrichtet habe.  Es ist so schön, daß wir so netter Nachbarn haben.    


  1. Yes, it is nice to have good neighbors :)

    What a beautiful blue sky and Regent's Canal is so picturesque. I love the bookshop and the Nature Park :) Chanda took time to walk through Little Venice when she was there. She found it so charming.

    I think your picture of the Islington Tunnel with the red boat is very pretty and cheery!

    1. Guess what: Our neighbor, the very helpful man, who has done so many emergency repairs in our house, will come to visit soon :). Everybody wants to see us in London :). The nature park was amazing. They built it on a coal dumping site, so the ground is probably not the "cleanest." All around you are high buildings and then there is this island of peace. We were in Little Venice 13 years ago and took a boat to the zoo. That was very pretty. Yes, the boat and the tunnel reminded me of the Erie Canal. The tunnel is very long and was considered to be very advanced for its time.

    2. How wonderful that he will visit you in London, and how sweet that everyone wants to come see you! It makes for some fun times and memories :)

  2. We have rain forecast for tomorrow :/(. Yesterday and Sunday were blue skies all the way. Ben is sick with a cold virus that has now lingered on his chest he looks worn out with the coughing. I am sure the temperature swings don't help! San X

    1. It rained here today also and the skies were grey. I am sorry that he is sick. He should not be sick in spring! Please, send him our well-wishes.


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