Thursday, March 23, 2017

Clay Modeling, Spring, Steiner House


Two weeks ago, we did some clay modeling.  Flora and I read the story about St. Cuthbert and the seals.  Afterwards, Flora made these two seals.  And Veronika made a mushroom for botany.  

Vor zwei Wochen haben wir ein wenig modelliert.  Flora und ich haben eine Geschichte über den heiligen Cuthbert und die Seehunde gelesen.  Danach hat Flora diese zwei Seehunde gemacht.  Veronika arbeitet hier an einem Pilz für Botanik.    

We also walked through Regent's Park to the Rudolf Steiner House to get new main lesson books.  I had a nice chat with the lady who was running the bookstore.  She was from Iran and an artist.  She gave me a teacher's discount :).  I not only bought main lesson books, but also a song book, some German booklets with stories, and some Stockmar modeling beeswax for Veronika.

Wir sind auch durch den Regents Park zum Rudolf Steiner Haus gegangen, um neue Epochenhefte zu kaufen.  Ich habe mich nett mit der Verkäuferin des Ladens dort unterhalten.  Sie war Künstlerin und kam aus dem Iran.  Sie hat mir sogar meine Einkäufe billiger verkauft, weil ich Lehrerin meiner Kinder bin.  Zu den Heften kamen noch ein paar Hefte mit Geschichten zu den Jahresfesten von Lucia Wachsmuth, ein Waldorfschulliederbuch und Bienenknetwachs von Stockmar für Veronika.  



 Egyptian Goose

 Weeping Willow

 Coots and Heron
Blässhühner und Reiher


 Flora found some dolls to play with.
Flora hat ein paar Puppen zum Spielen gefunden.

 Interesting books
Interessante Bücher

 Interesting architecture
Interessante Achitektur

On the way home, we passed The Sherlock Holmes Museum.  There were long lines!
Auf dem Rückweg sind wir beim Sherlock Holmes Museum vorbeigegangen.  Die Leute standen Schlange!

P.S. I have not been posting much because on Monday, I twisted my ankle badly and had to rest it for a day and today I had my first dental appointment for a new inlay.  

Ich habe nicht so viel hier geschrieben, weil ich mir am Montag meinen linken Knöchel verstaucht habe, den ich am Dienstag ausgeruht habe, und heute einen von zwei Zahnarztterminen hatte, weil ich ein neues Inlay bekomme.  


  1. Hello Eva! I was sorry to hear about your ankle! I hope you're doing much better today! It wasn't a very bright and cheery first day of spring!

    It's still rather cold here, though that is supposed to change today and tomorrow I think. The flowers look so pretty in your photos above. They are struggling here. It was 24 degrees the other morning! It finally went up to 40 yesterday. I have a pic of our courtyard daffodils. They look a little sad but I'm surprised they are surviving with all the snow that tried to smother them.

    I think you must have really enjoyed the Rudolf Steiner House visit. It looks like a place that could sustain me with happy thoughts for weeks. And how wonderful for the woman to give you a teacher's discount. It's a nice validation of your hard work :)

    I love seeing the different birds such as the Egyptian Goose. We occasionally see the Coots here in the river. I always think it's a loon.

    I love Weeping Willow trees. Regents Park is so pretty. Isn't that where Mary Poppins would take the children to play? Have you read those books together? I always enjoyed them.

    Take good care of your ankle, and I hope you have better luck next time with your skyping :)

    P.S. Chanda is in her English National Ballet audition today. I'm praying it all goes well!
    P.P.S. Please tell Flora I love her seals! Can you put up a pic of Veronika's mushroom later? Did she make a particular type? Morgana made felted mushrooms once in Austria. They were so pretty.

    1. My ankle is doing much better, I hope that the color will soon be back to normal. Just certain twisting turns still hurt.

      Maybe the snow keeps the daffodils warm? 24 degrees is too cold, but it has not been warm here either. I think next week is supposed to get better.

      I was in the Steiner House last time we were in London. They had a wonderful puppet show then. I don't think they do any activities for children there anymore, though, just talks for adults. It is kind of far from us, though, and those talks are always late. I think I will go back to the bookstore, though. It was a really good one! Great selection and now I know I will get a discount :).

      The coots are cute, aren't they? We see them occasionally around us at home (in NY), but not as many as we see here. They are not as elegant as loons, though, and smaller.

      I really like Regent's Park. It has lots of birds and different areas for walking: very cultivated areas and then also wild areas. And I do love the weeping willows with their green! So pretty and fresh! I think you must be thinking of Battersea Park. That is Mary Poppins area, at least according to my books. We have not been there so far.

      I will skype again on Monday. We do need a good class and connection because on Wednesday, there is an exam coming up.

      I will let Flora know. I made a mistake, she tried to make the sea otters. There are two stories with St. Cuthbert, one with seals and one with sea otters. I guess I have to go back and fix that. And I will take a picture of the mushroom too. Veronika made a "Fliegenpilz" (amanita muscaria).

    2. The Fliegenpilz is so pretty and always makes me think of Elsa Beskow's Children of the Forest :)

      I hope you have good internet for your German exam today!

      I will look up Battersea Park . . !

    3. Yes, it is also a very German mushroom. You always see it in German woods.

      No, the internet was bad again. I sent a message to audio-visual, asking for help, but I have not heard back. It is hard to teach this way.

      I will take a picture of that Pilz!

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the Linden trees. It's interesting that they might prune them in such a way.

    1. I have seen similar linden trees like that in Germany. Once the leaves come out, you do not notice the funny shape anymore.

  3. In Bristol gibt es auf der schönen Gloucester Road einen kleinen Spielzeugladen, der im hinteren Teil jede Menge Waldorf-Schulmaterialien hat, Epochenhefte, Filz, Stockmar Materialien und weiteres. Sie hat auch ein großes Angebot an Büchern, die bei uns auch der Verlag Urachhaus und Freies Geistesleben anbieten. Die Besitzerin ist Schwedin und hat gute Beziehungen zur Waldorfschule in Bristol. Den Laden lieben die Kinder es gibt dort so viel zu sehen. Und man kann Ostheimer Figuren kaufen. Trauerweiden sind toll!!! Hätte ich einen großen Garten würde ich mir eine pflanzen. :-) Sehr hübsch was ihr geknetet habt. Da fällt mir ein dass mich die Kinder vor Kurzem auch gebeten haben, nochmal Ton zu kaufen.


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