Saturday, March 25, 2017

Chores and First Day of Spring/Haushaltspflichen und Frühlingsanfang

Saturdays are our normal days for cleaning, changíng the sheets, and doing our ironing and baking for the weekend.  That is exactly what we did today.  Peter went to check the gallery guides for the students, again in the National Gallery.  All paintings were there, just some were in a different room.  

Blue skies today
Blauer Himmel heute

He made sure we all worked hard.
Er hat aufgepaßt, daß wir auch alle gut arbeiten!

Samstags putzen wir normalerweise, wechseln die Bettwäsche, bügeln und backen für das Wochenende.  Genau das haben wir auch heute gemacht.  Peter war am Morgen in der Nationalgallerie, um sicher zu sein, daß die Gemälde, die sich die Studenten nächste Woche ansehen müssen, auch alle da sind.  Erstaunlicherweise waren alle da, nur ein wenig umgehängt.  

On Monday, we had planned on going to a Celtic celebration to welcome spring, but due to some delay in renewing my Oyster (travel) card through the college, we did not make in on time.  The celebration was held on Tower Hill, which used to be an important religious place for the Celts.  We did get to the place, but all festivities had ended.  We walked around the area and settled for Tate Britain after lunch.  That museum does not have any good activity sheets for children: Flora got bored quickly.  

Am Montag wollten wir zu einer keltischen Frühlingsfeier gehen, aber da die Verlängerung meiner Reisekarte für die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel durch das College an diesem Tag verzögert wurde, haben wir die ganze Veranstaltung verpaßt.  Als wir bei Tower Hill ankamen, war alles schon vorbei.  So sind wir dann "nur noch" zur Tate Britain gegangen, wo man britische Kunst sehen kann.  Diese Gallerie hat aber leider gar keine guten Kinderaktivitäten, so daß es Flora schnell langweilig wurde. 

 Tower Bridge


Lambeth Palace: The residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury
Lambeth Palast: Hier wohnt der Erzbischof von Canterbury 

 Houses of Parliament

Modern buildings
Moderne Gebäude

 Tate Britain

 Jonathan and Charlotte thought this statue was great.
Jonathan und Charlotte fanden diese Skulptur ganz schick.

And here is a butterfly that Flora made to welcome spring.
Und hier ist ein Schmetterling, den Flora gemacht hat, um den Frühling zu begrüßen.

And now we need some sleep because tomorrow, daylight saving time will begin here.  Und jetzt ist aber Schlafenszeit, weil morgen die Sommerzeit anfängt.


  1. It's a very modern looking apartment. The skylight makes it very cheery and it looks especially pretty in the sunshine. Is that really a moose head!? How funny! Have you ever watched Fawlty Towers?

    Flora's butterfly is sweet, and the birch tree and small courtyard behind it look very nice. Is that for your apartment?

    I'm not familiar with Enzo Plazotta's work, but I really like it! "Jeté" has so much energy and grace.

    1. It is a very interesting mix of old and new. We think it is a Scottish highland cattle head. The owner of this flat grew up in Scotland in a castle. We have another head, but smaller, downstairs. You can see it in the short video of Jonathan and Charlotte dancing a few days ago. No, I have not watched Fawlty Towers. I have to look it up. The birch tree is in the courtyard which we share with three other apartments and the architect office that has built this apartment.

      Yes, the energy of the young mam jumping was amazing, right there at the Thames.

      Need to work here now, we are late this morning, still not quite used to the time change.

      Love to all of you!

    2. Chanda complained about the time change because she flew to Paris the day of our time change, and came home the day of London's time change.

      I saw the smaller animal head in the lovely little pas video with J and C. They seem to be enjoying their ballet classes :)

      I mention Fawlty Towers only because there is a funny episode where the main character is supposed to hang a moose head on the wall.

      We have grey skies here again today!

    3. Fawlty Towers is very funny, but there's maybe a few episodes that may not be appropriate for everyone in the family.

      I think your space looks very nice and you've all done well assimilating into a new home :)

    4. Poor Chanda, that must be very confusing for the body with all those changes.

      Yes, that is smaller. We should ask our landlady if her father shot it. Ballet is almost over for the two because students will have time off for their Easter break soon.

      I have not looked up Fawlty Towers, funny about the moose head.

      Also grey skies here: has spring left?

      Thanks for your nice words about our "flat." It is a funny mix of old and new, not quite my taste, but a great find for those four months here.

  2. Süßer Schmetterling! Wir basteln auch gerne. Im Winter mehr als im Sommer. Euer Haus in England sieht toll aus, sehr hübsch.

    1. Ja, im Winter sitzt man ja auch eher drinnen, dann bastelt es sich leichter. Danke für das Kompliment zu dem Haus: sehr modern, aber auch alte Sachen sind hier drin: eine lustige Mischung.


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