Sunday, August 28, 2016


87 degrees today were perfect for visiting our church friends and going for a swim.

Die heutigen 30 Grad waren perfekt für unseren Besuch bei Freunden aus unserer alten Kirche.  Sie haben ein kleines Schwimmbad.  

When the sky started to look dark and we heard thunder, we knew it was time to go home again.
Als der Himmel dann dunkel wurde und es donnerte, wußten wir, daß wir wieder nach Hause mußten.  


  1. Yes, it's still warm, isn't it?! The countryside and country roads are very beautiful. I like your friend's sign: "stop and smell the roses." So glad you were able to have a nice swimming day and a visit with friends xoxoxo

    1. Yes, it is perfect right now. Our church friends have been through a lot, including the death of their daughter due to leukemia. They are in their 80's, but still very fit and active. Maybe the sign reflects that they truly know what is important. My friend and Charlotte share the same birthday! I think Charlotte has been a substitute daughter to them.

    2. Oh Eva . . there's nothing I can say. My mom and dad had very good friends who lost a daughter to leukemia. It's just so important that you are all there for each other. It's incredibly special that Charlotte shares her birthday!

    3. She was 16 when she died, Charlotte's age. That must have been so hard. My friend was 4 or 6 when her dad, a dentist died. The mother had to raise her 9 children by herself. Can you imagine?? She was pregnant with the youngest when that happened. There are many more crosses to bear, even now. And they are still so helpful and cheerful. Amazing! He is a professor and lawyer. On one of their trips with students, a student died of leukemia. That was after their daughter had died. Nobody knew that that student had leukemia, including the student. Can you imagine, you take students to a foreign country and come back home with one fewer than you started out with?? What a shock that must have been to everybody.

    4. Gosh, and I think that I have burdens to carry. " Stop and smell the roses" a very timely reminder for me today.

      It looks like you really enjoyed your time in the pool. I think you have a swim suit similar to mine, Lands End by any chance? xx

    5. I think this sign is a good reminder for all of us.

      I will have to check what kind that is. I bought it recently at a consignment store. I'll check tomorrow.


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