Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mark Twain

Another guest post from Peter :). Elmira was the summer home of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain).  His wife, Olivia Langdon, was from Elmira and so he spent quite a bit of time there.  Peter visited Twain's study which is on the campus of Elmira College.  Here is a good article that captures Twain's time in Elmira.

Noch ein Blogeintrag von Peter :).  Elmira war der Sommerwohnsitz von Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain).  Seine Frau, Olivia Langdon, stammte aus Elmira.  Daher verbrachte er dort viel Zeit.  Peter hat sein Arbeitszimmer dort besucht, das sich auf dem Gelände von Elmira College befindet.  

He smoked 30 to 40 cigars daily!
Er hat jeden Tag 30 bis 40 Zigarren  geraucht!  

His walking stick
Sein Spazierstock

His lapdesk
Sein "Schoßschreibtisch"

List of books he wrote in Elmira: Most of his famous works were written there.
Eine Liste mit den Büchern, die er in Elmira geschrieben hat: Die meisten seiner berühmtesten Werke entstanden dort.  

 Yesterday, we had a neighborhood get-together to welcome new neighbors.  The whole street gathered together for watermelon and cookies.  The children played croquet and the adults talked.  We were a mix of teachers, professors, missionaries, bus drivers, and college employees.  Quite an interesting group that talked about where to buy the best chickens in the area!  (These are chickens from local farmers, not store-bought chickens.)

Gestern gab es ein Treffen mit den Nachbarn, um eine neu zugezogene Familie zu begrüßen.  Es gab Wassermelone und Kekse.  Die Kinder haben Croquet gespielt, und die Erwachsenen haben sich unterhalten.  Wir waren eine Mischung von Lehrern, Professoren, Missionaren, Busfahrern und Collegeangestellten.  Eine ziemlich interessante Gruppe, die sich, u.a., über die besten Hühner der Gegend unterhalten hat, also über Hühner, die man eben nicht im Laden kauft.  

I finished typing my German 101 syllabus and sent it to our secretary.  She will make sure it gets printed for class on Monday.  Now I have to put files on Moodle and then I am all set.  I do want to go onto campus once and take a look at my new classroom before classes start.  I got assigned another classroom this semester and I have to make sure it will work with the way I teach.

Ich habe den Lehrplan für mein Deutschseminar fertig getippt.  Jetzt sorgt unsere Sekretärin dafür, daß er bis Montag ausgedruckt wird.  Ich muß nur noch einige Dokumente für die Studenten bei Moodle hochladen, dann kann der Unterricht losgehen.  Ich will noch meinen Seminarraum vor Semesterbeginn inspizieren, weil ich einen neuen zugewiesen bekommen habe, um sicher zu sein, daß er für meinen Unterrichtsstil geeignet ist.    

Jonathan's chemistry class will start on Monday, like my German class, but at 7:45 a.m.!  He does not like this early time.  Charlotte's music class starts on Tuesday.  Hers is just twice per week.  Jonathan's is three times plus a lab on Fridays.

Jonathans Chemiekurs fängt, wie mein Deutschseminar, am Montagan, aber schon um 7.45 Uhr.  Die frühe Zeit gefällt ihm gar nicht.  Charlottes Musikkurs fängt erst am Dienstag an.  Sie hat diesen Kurs zweimal die Woche, aber Chemie ist dreimal die Woche und dazu noch ein Labortag am Freitag.  
On Sunday, after church, we will visit friends from our old church.  They invited us to go swimming in their own pool.  It has been very hot and humid again, so a swimming-pool sounds wonderful!

Am Sonntag, nach der Kirche, wollen wir Freunde von unserer alten Kirche besuchen.  Sie haben uns zum Schwimmen in ihrem eigenen Schwimmbad eingeladen.  Es ist wieder sehr heiß und schwül, da freut man sich auf jedes Schwimmbad!

I am almost done with all the homeschooling forms for Flora, Veronika, Miriam, and Charlotte.  Jonathan does not need one anymore.

Ich habe fast alle meine Schulpläne für die Schulbehörde für Flora, Veronika, Miriam und Charlotte fertig.  Jonathan braucht keine mehr.  

And we did find the camera.  I will post some birthday pictures and some last pictures from the Genesee Country Village and Museum soon.

Und wir haben den Fotoapparat gefunden.  So kann ich bald die Fotos von Veronikas Geburtstag und die letzten von dem Freilichtmuseum hochladen.  


  1. 30 to 40 cigars is much too much! (Though I do like the aroma . . Greg doesn't at all).

    I think you began school yesterday .. I hope all is going well! I think it's exciting for Charlotte and Jonathan to be doing classes on campus and that you must feel pleased? It still gets warm during the day but only up to 84 degrees or so. The nights are wonderful! Even though the days are cooler they still feel warm because of the cool nights! Funny how our bodies adjust :)

    It's fun seeing Mark Twain's house and personal items. Did C and J enjoy their intensive?

    1. I like the smell of pipes, but not so much cigars. My great-grandfather, who lived with us, smoked cigars. Only a certain brand from Cuba. That was just part of "Uropa." I don't know why Twain did not die of lung cancer. He must have smoked two every hour!

      We have the typical crazy first week at the college right now. There are so many administrative things that need to be taken care of, then there problems with the textbook orders, the software for my German book, etc. I am spending half of my days talking to people or e-mailing people about one thing or another. I hope it will all settle down soon. Jonathan and Charlotte each had a class, but could not say very much about it. The first class is always more or less an introduction. Jonathan has quite a bit of homework and Charlotte has a lot of listening to music. That is the fun part of her course. She also has to attend three concerts and write a report on them. Jonathan has a math test for chemistry on Friday. Next week they will start the labs in addition to lectures three times a week. His professor is a lady. Today we bought him safety glasses at the college bookstore. I do hope the course will work out for him. The professor has been very helpful and accommodating.

      Jonathan and Charlotte loved their intensive. Mr. Grigorian asked them if they wanted to dance in his Nutcracker. That was a compliment we thought, but we are not sure if we can do that.

      You are so right about the temperature.


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