Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer Camps at GCV&M/Ferienlager in Freilichtmuseum

Charlotte's costume and lunch basket
Charlottes Kostüm und Mittagessenskorb

Like last year, Jonathan and Charlotte are helpers for summer camps at the GCV&M.  This year, Charlotte is quilting and Jonathan is surviving in the wilderness.  Peter and I are taking turns driving them to the museum, well Jonathan does the driving, but he still needs a parent to go with him.  On Monday, Peter went and on Tuesday I went with all children.  Today Peter went again.  Tomorrow, it will be our turn.  Here are a few pictures from yesterday.  Unfortunately, we do not get to see either Jonathan or Charlotte very much.  Charlotte's camp is indoors and not open to visitors.  Jonathan is not in the village with his group, but always hiking in the forest.  During the week, the museum is much more quiet.

Wie letztes Jahr helfen Jonathan und Charlotte bei verschiedenen Ferienlagern im Freilichtmuseum aus.  Dieses Jahr macht Charlotte Quilting und Jonathan Überlebenstraining.  Peter und ich wechseln uns mit dem Fahren dorthin ab (Jonathan fährt eigentlich immer, aber ohne einen Elternteil darf er ja noch nicht fahren).  Am Montag ist Peter gefahren, am Dientag ich mit allen Kindern, und heute war Peter wieder dran.  Morgen fahren wir wieder.  Hier sind ein paar Fotos von gestern.  Leider können wir weder Jonathan noch Charlotte sehen.  Charlotte näht in einem Gebäude, das den Besuchern nicht zugänglich ist.  Jonathan ist gar nicht im Museumsdorf, sondern im Wald in der Nähe und hat bisher überlebt :).  Während der Woche ist das Museum viel leerer als am Wochenende.  

 Snack time in front of the land agent office.
Zweites Frühstück vor dem Büro des Landvermessers.

 The smithy
Die Schmiede

 He is making a shoe horn.
Er schmiedet einen Schuhlöffel.


 A young apprentice
Ein junger Lehrling


 Some boys are soldiers for a week.
Einige Jungen sind für eine Woche Soldaten.

 Miriam, Veronika, and Flora were asked to cut some nasturtiums for Dorothy's vinegar.
Miriam, Veronika und Flora durften für Dorothys Essig Kapuzinerkresseblüten schneiden.

 Quilting building
Gebäude für das Quilting



 We are visiting the gunsmith.
Wir besuchen den Büchsenmacher.

We are visiting the potter.
Wir besuchen den Töpfer.


 We are listening to a talk about indentured servants in this garden house.
Wir hören uns einen Vortrag über "Knechtschaft auf Zeit" an.  

 View of the octagon house
Blick auf das achteckige Haus  


 And then it was so hot that we took refuge in the air-conditioned gallery.
Und dann war es so heiß, daß wir in die klimatisierte Gallerie flüchteten.


 Playroom for children

 A bear is coming for tea.
Ein Bär kommt zum Kaffeetrinken.


  Picking up Charlotte
Wir holen Charlotte ab.


  1. Hello Eva, you are spending days like I used to at Sturbridge :) How nice to have Flora, Veronika and Miriam to do activities with. I remember some very hot days! And then the air conditioned main building felt so cold! Is it more than an hour's drive? Sturbridge was 50 to 60 minutes to my sister's house. The village closed at 5 pm but we often didn't get on the road until 5:30/45 . . I would usually get a tea from the cafe before it closed. They were fun days, but I miss the time spent there very much. However, I don't miss the driving. By the last year I felt very tired from the commute. It's good Jonathan is driving now.

    I hope it gets a little cooler for you so the days at the village aren't so uncomfortable.

    Love to all of you :) xoxo

    1. Yes, without those three, it would not be as interesting :). It is a bit over an hour, but a pleasant area to drive through, not much traffic. GCV&M closes at 4:00 p.m. During summer camp week, they are pretty much done at that time because the summer camps are over by then. When they do regular volunteer work, it takes them until 5:30 p.m. to be done. That is a long time, and there is no place to go to, once the village is closed. The driving is tiring if you have to do it twice every day. I am glad Peter and I took turns and that most of the time Jonathan was driving. It was especially hard because we were so exhausted from the heat.

      Love to you too!

  2. P.S. But it was very hot here too, today, and I don't think we will be getting much relief over the weekend!

    1. I think all of Eastern States are really suffering under this relentless heat right now. We are also getting a lot of thunder storms, but they do not cool things off.

    2. I think all of THE Eastern States ...


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