Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Guest Post by Peter: Elmira/Gastbeitrag von Peter: Elmira

Peter took some pictures in Elmira today.  It was a beautiful day and he took a walk along the Chemung River.

Peter hat heute ein paar Fotos in Elmira gemacht.  Es war ein wunderschöner Tag und er ist am Fluß Chemung spazieren gegangen.  

Historical postcards
Alte Ansichtskarten


  1. Ah! Old New York! Old Elmira! That is the cutest little movie and the music is so pretty. Nice pictures Peter! I read that "Chemung" comes from a Lenape word. It sounded Chinese to me so I had to look it up :P

    1. I also thought that the movie was nice. Elmira used to be so much grander than it is now. Peter was flattered about your comment. He does not like to take pictures. Chemung does sound funny, that is true, but we have lots of Native American names around here, so it fits right in. Our inter-loan library system goes as far as Elmira in the south and it always says that the books come from the Chemung County Library District when I get books from them.


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