Tuesday, March 22, 2016


 Jonathan driving in the snow
Jonathan fährt im Schnee.

Yesterday, we took the time to finally visit some consignment stores to find some new clothes for Charlotte and Jonathan.  First, we tried a new consignment store in Springville.  Jonathan was our driver.  He had never driven that far and was eager to give it a try.  We had to go through several villages and towns with more than one lanes, several bigger intersections, and lots of hills and curves.  He did a very good job.  Right before we entered Springville, I took over the wheel again.  Unfortunately, the new store was not so helpful to us.  Charlotte did find a pair of pants, but there was nothing for Jonathan.  But it was a pretty store.

Gestern haben wir endlich einmal Zeit gehabt, mit Jonathan und Charltotte nach Kleidern in mehreren Secondhandläden zu gucken.  Erst sind wir nach Springville gefahren, um einen neuen Laden dort zu erkunden.  Ich habe Jonathan fahren lassen.  Er ist noch nie so weit gefahren und wollte es gerne ausprobieren.  Wir mußten durch mehrere Dörfer fahren, es gab mehrspurige Straßen, viele Kreuzungen, Kurven, Berge und Ampeln.  Er hat seine Sache sehr gut gemacht.  Kurz vor Springville bin ich aber dann wieder gefahren.  Der neue Laden hat uns leider nicht viel weitergeholfen, auch wenn er sehr hübsch war.  Charlotte hat aber eine Hose gefunden. 

Walking downtown
In der Innenstadt

So on we went, past brooks, ski slopes, and wild Western New York scenery.  We ended up in East Aurora where we also picked up Jonathan's new supply of contact lenses.  He has settled on one kind for now.  Then we needed lunch and visited "Taste."

Dann ging es weiter durch ein Skigebiet, an wilden Flüssen entlang (die Gegend ist wirklich noch recht ursprünglich) bis nach East Aurora, wo wir Jonathans Kontaktlinsen abgeholt haben.  Er hat sich jetzt für eine Sorte entschieden.  Dann war es Zeit zum Mittagessen bei "Taste". 


Hot apple cider still feels good this week
Heißer Apfelmost ist immer noch das richtige Getränk im Moment.

After that, we drove on to Wegmans and did some Easter menu shopping.  We had a short snack and playtime in the cafe at Wegmans and headed home again.  Before I could drive, though, I found this surprise on my seat: Daffodils from my children to me.

Danach mußten wir bei Wegmans, einem Supermarkt, nach Quark suchen.  Wir haben ihn auch gefunden.  Dazu haben wir noch andere Dinge für das Ostermenu gekauft.  Nach einem kurzen Kaffeetrinken und ein wenig Spielzeit im Café des Supermarktes sind wir dann nach Hause gefahren.  Doch bevor ich mich hinter das Steuerrad begeben konnte, fand ich diese, von meinen Kindern erworbene, Überraschung auf dem Fahrersitz.  


Today, we only went to the library, cleaned up around the house, and had my friend over.  Tomorrow, we will all go to confession, well, I guess Flora won't.  And then we will be do doing more Easter preparation.
Heute waren wir nur in der Bücherei und hatten Besuch von meiner Freundin.  Morgen gehen wir alle zur Beichte, alle, bis auf Flora natürlich.  Und dann muß man sich schon auch sonst auf Ostern vorbereiten.   


  1. congrats to you and jonathan for sticking with the driving. we let things lapse with morgana. did he mainly practice with you or peter? your daffodils are lovely and the children so thoughtful! the cinderella shoe saying is funny:)

    1. He practices with both of us, but Peter has never let him drive that far. I guess he is more cautious. He has also driven a bit right after sunset to get some feeling for the dark, but only around our village. He will take the six hour licensing course that is mandatory in NY in May and he hopes he will get his license after that. His confirmation sponsor offered him to learn to drive a manual car with him after that. I think it will be hard to learn driving once you are already in college or somewhere else. Maybe when Morgana comes back?

      I was very touched by the daffodils :). I think it was first Miriam's idea. Jonathan really liked the Cinderalla saying as well.

  2. Good that you have someone to share the driving. Sara passed her driving test a few weeks ago and so it makes it easier for her and Tom to visit as they both can share in the driving.

    Those flowers were a well deserved treat, such a thoughtful surprise, you have a great bunch of kids.

    Hope the Easter prep works out well xx

    1. So nice that Sara passed! Jonathan wants to take his in May or June.

      Yes, I was very touched by those flowers.

      We went to confession today, the house is tidy, we still need to do more cleaning. I will do some more grocery shopping tomorrow, but then we should be fine. We will drive to a different parish for Holy Thursday tomorrow. Our church does not have any services.

    2. We are needing to clean and I am hoping to get to confession too, thankfully our grocery shopping arrived this evening x

    3. Good luck with all the cleaning! We did the bathrooms today. We will do the rest and some more baking tomorrow. I still remember Ocado and its deliveries, so convenient.


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