Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Word on Fire

Here are some ideas for a meaningful Lent:

  • Fastenaktion von Misereor: Kalender, Rezepte, Spendenmöglichkeit, etc.
  • Das Bistum Augsburg hat die katholischen Fasten- und Abstinenzregeln hier zusammengefaßt
  • Fastenzeit/Osterbilderbücher lesen  (Ich werde bald anfangen, hier unsere Lieblingsbücher zusammenzutragen.)
  • Hier sind all meine anderen Einträge zur Fastenzeit (Dornenkrone, Bücher, Ostergras, usw.)


  1. Great suggestions! Thanks for the Rice Bowl reminder :) I like to put it on the smart phone I have. Love to all of you on this Ash Wednesday xoxo

    1. You are welcome, I still have to make our big Lenten calendar, probably on Saturday or Sunday I'll get to it. Love to you too!

  2. Thanks for the links they are appreciated! We will use the suggestions and prayers for the rice bowl project but donate to a similar charity based in the UK known as Mary's Meals. We are also following the 40 acts challenges too.

    San xx

    1. Wonderful that there places like Rice Bowl in the U.K. What is the 40 acts challenge?

    2. We did it last year it is a challenge for every day in Lent apart from Sunday. You can find 40 acts on stewardship.org



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