Friday, February 19, 2016


All children are doing better!  Allen Kindern geht es besser!  

To cheer up Flora, I sewed together the lamb she just finished knitting.  Isn't it cute?

Um Flora aufzumuntern, habe ich ihr Lamm zusammengenäht.  Sie hat es fertig gestrickt.  Sieht es nicht hübsch aus?


  1. Yes, it is! It's adorable. I have several little lambs in our collection of knitted animals too :)

    It is such good news that everyone is doing better!

    1. This is our first lamb. We do have two pigs, one elephant, and a mouse. They are so easy to make and always look so cute.

      Jonathan is still coughing too much and Peter's is still feeling congested and has a sore throat. I hope that those things also will go away.

    2. Me too! Did your cod liver oil arrive? I hope they try to sit in the sunshine during parts of the day.

    3. Not yet, we ordered it from Lucky Vitamin, but all orders are really slow to get here, no matter where you order. The location is not so good for UPS or FedEx. It always takes longer than the official time.

      Yes, they try to be out every day (unless they have ballet), but there is not much sun around these days.


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