Thursday, February 11, 2016

Handwork and Main Lesson Work/Handarbeiten und Hauptepochen

Here is collection of some pictures I have been taking recently.
Hier ist eine kleine Samnmlung von Fotos, die ich in der letzten Zeit gemacht habe.  

 Four girls knitting
Vier strickende Mädchen

 Flora is knitting with some new yarn her German grandparents sent her.
Flora strickt mit neuer Wolle, die ihr ihre deutschen Großeltern geschickt haben.

 Flora is learning about multiplication.
Flora lernt das Multiplizieren kennen.

 Veronika: Norse myths and culture
Veronika: Nordische Mythen und Kultur


Miriam: Illustration for "How Horatius Kept the Bridge"
Miriam: Zeichnung für ein englisches Gedicht über Horatius

 Flora is knitting a lamb and Veronika is mending a doll's dress for Flora.
Flora strickt ein Lamm und Veronika flickt ein Puppenkleid für Flora.

Jonathan is sewing a rainbow flower while Peter is preparing for the upcoming honors weekend.  Unfortunately, he is not feeling well and is trying to get over a flu.  
Jonathan näht eine Regenbogenblume, während Peter sich für ein besonderes Collegewochenende vorbereitet.  Leider fühlt er sich nicht so gut, da ihn die Grippe erwischt hat.  


  1. Hope Peter is feeling better today. Your main lesson work and handwork is beautiful and colourful x

    1. Well, the fever is gone, but he is still coughing a lot and needs to interview 60 students who have applied to our honors program. Thanks for your kind words about our work.

  2. Poor Peter. I hope he feels better soon. It's so miserable to work when not feeling well.

    Everyone's lesson work is so beautiful (and everyone has nice handwriting too). The Horatius lesson was one of my favorites! We each memorized a part of the poem and took turns reciting it. That was so fun. These are such special times :) I love seeing all the crafting too :) All of you are keeping busy and cozy during some very cold weather!

    1. He just left, he has 60 interviews scheduled for today. He is in charge of the honors program right now. He hopes to be back home by late afternoon. He has almost no voice left and still feels weak.

      Thanks so much for your kind words. We discovered that Live Ed has shortened the poem so we went to look for the complete one. This is something that really bothers me with Live Ed. They have too many mistakes in their booklets or shorten things without telling you (or not giving any sources where their material comes from). Great idea to take turns reciting it!

    2. Yes, I remember looking up the full poem too. Sixty interviews is a lot! That's a real challenge I think. I hope he's in bed and resting now. You too, though you're probably doing sick child rounds . . thinking of you . .

    3. They normally do not do so many on one weekend, but this year they could not organize it differently. He went to bed early, but is still coughing and having problems with his voice. The others are so-so.


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