Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Familiar Sights/Das kennen wir doch . . .

Peter is visiting California again and has been sending pictures of familiar sights.  He called me while sitting next to the fountain at Biola University.  He had lunch and coffee with a number of his former fellows and colleagues.

Peter ist wieder in Kalifornien.  Er hat uns Fotos von uns gut bekannten Orten geschickt.  Heute hat er mich angerufen, während er direkt neben dem Brunnen der Biola Uni saß.  Er hat mit einigen ehemaligen Stipendiaten und Kollegen Kaffee getrunken und zu Mittag gegessen.  

 Biola library
Bibliothek bei Biola



 "Our house"
"Unser Haus"


  1. Such nice memories! Does Peter really like California?

    1. You know, I think he does. He never really wanted to go there and kind of always blocked that part of the U.S. from his mind. To him the Midwest is best. But he has changed and he has seen so many different parts of the world now that he has become much more open. He called me from Pepperdine today while looking at the ocean and told me how beautiful it all was.

    2. :) California is special I think. I really enjoyed living in Santa Barbara and Greg liked being in Monterey. We loved San Francisco and probably would have thought of staying there if we didn't have family on the east coast. Of course we both love NYC too . . and I know how nice Pepperdine is!! Everyone would always talk about Pepperdine with this kind of awe in their voices!

    3. Yes, being so far from family is a problem. I think Pepperdine is for the super rich. We were not so impressed with the beaches a bit south of it, though. Everything was quite run down.

  2. Herrliche Erinnerung! Das war so schön dass Ihr dort wart!

    1. Ja, es war sehr schön, bin fast ein wenig neidisch, daß ich dieses Mal nicht mitfliegen konnte.


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