Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ugali and San Dimas/Ugali und San Dimas

For lunch we tried the first Rice Bowl recipe today: Ugali with Bean Soup from Tanzania.  We did not use cornmeal, but rice, and I also changed the vegetables and types of beans.  So I guess the recipe was just an inspiration for us, but it did taste good.  We also watched a short video on Tanzania.  

Zum Mittagessen haben wir das erste Rezept von Rice Bowl ausprobiert.  Es war eine Bohnensuppe.  Das Rezept habe ich abgewandelt, doch es hat immer noch geschmeckt.  Hier kann man das Rezept finden.  

In the afternoon, we all drove to San Dimas.  Jonathan and Charlotte had their Latin class.  The rest of us explored the area.  San Dimas used to be the largest nursery for citrus trees and citrus trees have played a major role here.

Am Nachmittag sind wir alle nach San Dimas gefahren.  Jonathan und Charlotte hatten ihre Lateinklasse.  Der Rest der Familie has sich die Gegend angeschaut.  San Dimas war mal die größte Zitrusfruchtbaumschule der Welt, und der Obstanbau für Zitrusfrüchte hat hier immer eine große Rolle gespielt.  

 I have no idea what this tree is, but isn't it beautiful?
Ich weiß gar nicht, was das für ein Baum ist, aber ist er nicht wunderschön?

 Lavender and rosemary
Lavendel und Rosmarin

Tea time!

Haus der Familie Walker

 Look at these blossoms!
So schöne Blüten!

After Latin was finished, we had a wonderful chat with the Latin teacher, a French speaking man from Switzerland, and his wife.  They are part of a huge homeschooling group.  60 children of this group are taking Latin with him!  He is also a regular teacher at a Catholic private high school for boys where he teaches Latin and French, but he and his wife homeschool their own children.  

Nachdem Latin zu Ende war, haben wir uns angeregt mit dem Lateinlehrer und seiner Frau unterhalten,  Er stammt aus der französischen Schweiz und ist mit einer Amerikanerin verheiratet.  Sie gehören zu einer großen katholischen Homeschoolinggruppe.  Allein 60 Kinder aus dieser Gruppe machen mit diesem Vater Latein!  (Er unterrichtet auch an einer katholischen Oberschule für Jungen Französisch und Latein, doch seine Kinder sind Heimschüler).  Es ist immer schön, andere Europäer kennenzulernen und zu erfahren, wie sie hier in Amerika hängengeblieben sind :).    

 Driving home with not much traffic, which is so rare here.  Most roads have 10 lanes on each side!  Yes, ten lanes, and cars are just driving so recklessly.  We have never seen as many car accidents anywhere else as you can see here daily.  Quite a few end in death.   

Die Rückfahrt nach Hause hatte kaum Verkehr.  Das ist hier sehr selten.  Die meisten Straßen haben zehn Spuren auf jeder Seite!  10 Spuren und verrückte Autofahrer.  Wir haben noch nie so viele Unfälle gesehen, wie man sie hier täglich sieht.  Viele enden tödlich.    


  1. Flora looks hot and sweaty! We're all freezing here!! This California adventure of yours is so fun. Hope when it finally rains that it's not too much and not too little :)

    Thanks for the CRSRice Bowl link! I just got the app on my phone :P I'll post when I make a recipe. Your soup looked delicious.

    The highway sounds crazier than years ago . . but I think I'm just older and not as capable of handling the ten lanes! Ah! The wild west! It's good Peter can drive and you can take sunset pictures :) I don't remember the traffic being as bad up north by Santa Barbara, though the trucks go by very fast. That's the same everywhere.

    I've never been to San Dimas. How beautiful! The flora never ceases to amaze me. The yellow blooms on the tree are lovely. I like your Sunday excursions :)

    1. I think she needed a drink, that is true. It has rained all day long and is supposed to continue through the night. So we spent our day in a museum.

      Oh great about Rice Bowl. I like learning about different countries and their food.

      The highway is crazy. Good to know that Santa Barbara will be different. But first we need to get out of here :).

      San Dimas is quite cute. I think there are even cuter towns up there, but we have to explore them bit by bit.

  2. So pleased that you are finding your feet. The Latin teacher sounds lovely but I don't envy you with ten lanes of traffic, eep!!

    San xx

    1. No, the traffic is just a nightmare. But the Latin is a fun class and good for Jonathan and Charlotte. Last class somebody asked into what language they should translate the Latin sentence. That question was a joke and so the teacher answered back with "into French." And that is exactly what Jonathan then did when he volunteered the answer. The teacher was quite impressed.


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