Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quick Hello/Kurzes Hallo!

  • Had a good ballet class on Saturday, quite exhausting for our two dancers, but good.
  • Found the oldest mission in California
  • Saw a beautiful botanical garden -- from the outside, there was not time to go in
  • Had an opossum in our back yard!
  • Are trying to organize swimming days, ballet, and maybe joining a Catholic homeschooling group
  • I am quite busy with my online teaching, no time to upload pictures tonight anymore.  

  • Wr hatten eine gute Ballettstunde am Samstag, ziemlich anstrengend, aber gut.  
  • Wir haben die älteste Missionskirche in Kalifornien gefunden.
  • Wir haben einen wunderschönen botanischen Garten gesehen, leider nur von außen, da wir keine Zeit mehr hatten, hineinzugehen.
  • Wir haben ein Opossum im Garten gesehen.
  • Wir versuchen Tage zu finden, wo wir schwimmen gehen können,  Das muß aber mit Ballett vereinbart werden können.  Ich überlege auch, ob wir uns einer katholischen Homeschooling Gruppe anschließen sollen.
  • Ich verbringe viel Zeit mit meinen beiden online Kursen, daher habe ich auch nicht so viel Zeit, Fotos hochzuladen.  


  1. Happy birthday, Miriam! Your cake looks scrumptious! Fresh berries sound so good!

    Dear Eva, your family's says sound full and wonderful! Thank you for sharing about the retreat in the mountains, the fish restaurant (yum!), and the new lessons.

    Blessings on all of you! I love the idea of living "normal" life in a new location for a few months. I think it would be fun to do such a thing in Scotland!


    1. Thanks so much, Barbara! The cake was good. I am glad you are enjoying my entries here. Without some kind of normal life, we would soon get on each other's nerves, I am sure. And NY has quarterly reports that need to be send in and exams at the end of the school year. So we do need to keep working and not just sight-seeing. Scotland would be a great place to visit. I have never been there.


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