Sunday, February 8, 2015

Flora's Playing/Flora spielt

Flora still is a wonderful imaginative player.  Right now playing airplane is en vogue.  Luckily she has enough passengers to fly with her.

Flora spielt immer noch sehr schön.  Im Moment ist das Flugzeugspiel ganz aktuell. Glücklicherweise findet sie in unserer Familien genug Passagiere, die mit ihr fliegen.  

And she also still carries her child Wasi around.  Wasi eats and then Flora does the dishes.

Auch Wasi wird viel mitgenommen.  Wasi muß natürlich auch essen und danach muß man abwaschen.    

And when the pots and pans are clean, maybe the cook needs a rinse.
Und wenn die Töpfe und Pfannen sauber sind, muß vielleicht die Köchin auch abgespült werden.

This is early February!
Und das im frühen Februar!


  1. Very different from our early February! Chanda and I really enjoyed this post. Flora is so beautiful and sweet. How I miss that wonderful imaginative play that children do at this age. I love her expression under the umbrella. It's blissful and confident. Blissfully confident and happy in her world. You're a good mom :) My next favorite pic is the one of everyone in their seats on the plane! Ahhh . . California days! Isn't it magical?! It's amazing to me how different the two coasts are. East and West. I'm so glad you're getting to experience it.

    1. Yes, quite different when you think about the weather :). This play is so magical -- I am glad that the others still join in although they are past this stage. I am so glad I have not tried to push her ahead in starting school. She will be an old first grader, seven years old, but she has always been kind of little and young.

      Yes, this country has so many different parts, hard to believe it is one country. Love to you all!

  2. P.S. I was always happy to come home to the east coast, but have I mentioned that Greg and I always thought that if we didn't have family back east, we would like to live in San Francisco? Greg reminded me of that when he returned from his trip there just a week ago. He loves Frisco.

    1. San Francisco was the only bigger city I liked when I drove down the coast in 1986. So I do understand that you would choose that one. Peter and I were just talking about what kind of people would want to live in the L.A. area. You have to be between 20 and 30 and without children we thought. I would not want to raise my family really close to the city and Peter would not like a job where you have to drive with this crazy traffic every day. He was very annoyed when it took him over 45 minutes to come home from work the other day. Normally the commute is about 25 minutes. And older people simply could not drive in all this traffic, but there is no good public transportation.

      We spent half of our day at the coast. I took too many pictures, but it was so beautiful! We were close to San Pedro. I don't think I can post pictures tonight anymore, but they will come. Charlotte and Jonathan had a good ballet class. Mr. Ling could not be there, but they had a young woman teaching the class. The other children are happy to have Jonathan and Charlotte there. They are all very friendly. That is really nice. After all, they are not there for so long.

  3. Replies
    1. You are up late! I glanced at the article and will read it later. First I have to take a look at my students and see what I need to grade there. We just got back from the trip I mentioned above.

  4. I love the shot of them all in line on the plane!! My favourite has to be Flora having a dunk in the wash basin, priceless!!

    Pip is now into her third week off school and next week is a half term break. The virus has laid her low and there have been other complications as a result, nothing dire just wearying. Hoping to post a catch up soon.

    San xx

    1. Yes, she barely fit into it.

      I am so sorry to hear about Pip's health. Does she have to make up lots of school work?


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