Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Old Mill/Alte Mühle

Picnic at the Old Mill was very peaceful.  It is a very quaint building with a beautiful little park.

Das Picknick bei der Alten Mühle, die zur Mission San Gabriel gehörte, war sehr ruhig.  Das Gebäude ist sehr malerisch und der kleiner Park drumherum ist allerliebst.  

Eating lunch

The Mill
Die Mühle

Old mill stones
Alte Mühlsteine

 I really liked this decoration.
Diese Verzierungen haben mir gut gefallen. 

Model of how the mill worked.
Modell, das gezeigt hat, wie die Mühle funktioniert. 



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  1. You have been so busy! There are so many wonderful things to see :) I'm enjoying learning about Old California. It looks very relaxing over there!

    1. Yes, we try to go and see places on Sundays. That is the only day we can do this. So each week, normally I read in our library guide books to find a new place to go to. I am the planner and Peter is the driver :). Works very well. As a European, I tend to look for "old things." So you will get to see more of that here, I am sure. It is very relaxing, maybe too relaxing? I once talked to the eurythmy teacher of "our" Waldorf school about this. He had taught in Europe and California for many years. Then he finally returned to Western New York, where he was originally from. He said that people in California were too easygoing for him. They were not interested in anything "deep" as he called it. He thought that was mainly due to the climate.


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