Thursday, March 29, 2012

Superior Broom and Fencing/Oberbesen und Fechten

This morning we were awoken by the "Superior Broom" and some other machine.  The "Superior Broom" is a tiny street sweeper that comes once a year to sweep our street.  Needless to say, this was very exciting (and loud). 

Heute morgen sind wir alle von dem "Oberbesen" und noch einem ähnlichen Gefährt geweckt worden.  Der "Oberbesen" ist eine kleine Straßenkehrmaschine, die jedes Jahr einmal unsere Straße fegt.  Man kann sich wohl denken, daß das sehr aufregend (und laut) war. 

Today was the last day of the intro fencing class.  Now we have to decide if we want to continue.  Jonathan hopes we will.  Peter took these pictures when he arrived to pick them up.  Charlotte was already done fencing, but Jonathan was still in the midst of a "fight."

Heute war der letzte Tag des Einführungskurses beim Fechten.  Jetzt müssen wir entscheiden, ob wir weitermachen wollen oder nicht.  Jonathan hofft, daß er weitermachen darf.  Peter hat die Fotos gemacht, als er die Kinder abholen wollte.  Charlotte war schon fertig, aber Jonathan war noch inmitten eines "Kampfes".

Veronika asked me if I could teach her how to crochet.  Now she is already working on her second little washcloth.  Veronika hat mich gebeten, ihr Häkeln beizubringen.  Jetzt macht sie schon ihr zweites kleines Läppchen. 

Jonathan painted blue around the outline of Africa.  Tomorrow he will make a salt dough map to put in place of the empty spot.  Jonathan hat um einen Umriß von Afrika blau gemalt.  Morgen will er eine Salzteigkarte machen, um den leeren Platz zu füllen. 

Miriam went for a walk to find out how long a mile is.  We only managed to do half a mile, because we had Flora and Veronika along.  More about this later.  Miriam hat einen Spaziergang gemacht, um herauszufinden, wie lang eine Meile ist.  Wir haben jedoch nur eine halbe Meile geschafft, weil wir auch Veronika und Flora dabei hatten.  Mehr zu diesem Projekt später. 

Charlotte and I are not working on a new main lesson, but finally finishing up the Kalevala.  Right now we are reading a lot about Lemminkäinen.  He never gives up.  Charlotte und ich machen keine neue Hauptepoche, aber bringen endlich die Kalevala zu Ende.  Im Moment lesen wir viel über Lemminkäinen.  Er gibt niemals auf. 

When preparing dinner, I found a lady bug in our turnip greens.  Maybe spring will come again; tonight we are supposed to get snow, though.  Als ich Mittagessen gemacht habe, guckte ein Marienkäfer aus den Rübenblättern hervor.  Vielleicht kommt der Frühling doch wieder, auch wenn es heute Nacht schneien soll.


  1. Ein sehr abwechslungsreicher Tag! Tolle Aktionsfotos! Ich kann mir denken, dass Jonathan weiter Fechten machten möchte. Was sagt Charlotte, möchte sie auch weitermachen? Und wie konzentriert Veronika arbeitet!
    Die finnische Legende scheint spannend, aber ziemlich grausam, auf jeden Fall auf Wikipedia.
    Oh, ein amerikanischer Bishy Barnaby, wie sie im Norfolk sagen. Hat er 10 Punkte, sehe es auf dem Foto nicht so richtig? Irgendwie sehe ich in letzter Zeit die Blogger-Fotos nur mehr so klein und kann sie auch nicht mehr vergrössern, seltsam.

    1. Charlotte würde auch gerne weitermachen, doch nicht so nachdrücklich wie Jonathan. Die Kalevala ist nicht so grausam, auch irgendwie lustig und es wird viel gesungen, um Feinde zu besiegen. Wir haben damit in der vierten Klasse angefangen, doch sie nicht fertig bekommen.

      Miriam hat gesagt, er habe 10 Punkte gehabt. "Bishy Barnaby", das habe ich noch nie gehört. Wo kommt das her?

      Das mit den Fotos verstehe ich nicht. Ich weiß, daß andere Leser das noch tun können. Ist das nur bei mir so oder bei anderen Blogs auch? Bekommst Du eine Nachricht, wenn Du sie anklickst?

  2. How wonderful to hear that Jonathan and Charlotte both enjoyed their fencing class! My kids are the same-- both interested in continuing, but one is a bit more enthusiastic than the other. ;)

    I'm curious to see what the plan is for the salt-dough Africa. It sounds fascinating!

    And Veronika is so focused. I'm very impressed.

    1. Have you decided if you want to continue?

      We will paint it with rivers and mountains and then add whatever Jonathan thinks is worthwhile adding. It will then be a summary of everything he has learned about Africa. We used to draw maps of the continents, but it takes us forever. We are too slow with such projects. Hopefully this will get finished within an acceptable time frame.

    2. Yes, both girls are excited to continue. Sunburst joined the club last month, and she practices for 3 hrs/week with the juniors and adults. She can't get enough of it.

      Moonshine was unsure about continuing until she had her sabre lesson last week, and now she's excited to continue with that. Most of the juniors here fight sabre, probably because it's easier to hold.

      The maps are time consuming, I agree. The salt dough is a great idea! I wish it wasn't so humid here in England. Anything we make with salt dough is wet within a couple of days. :(

    3. That's a lot of fencing! We already have ballet three days a week for 90 minutes each time, plus gymnastics, and pretty soon baseball. So once a week for 2 hours would be enough for us. Jonathan said that they only use sabers for older students, not beginners. They use foils here.

      Have you ever thought of baking a salt dough map for a while at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit? That might do the trick even in England. It's pretty wet and humid here also. You could paint and glaze it afterwards.

  3. i agree that the salt dough map of africa sounds very interesting! and it looks very well done!

    good luck trying to figure out the fencing. i can understand how much they must enjoy it. i did a little when in college. it's strategy and dancing . .

    snow! your poor magnolia tree. first there was frost and now snow. no wonder the little lady bug hitched a ride inside :)

    wishing veronika much enjoyment with her crochet. she looks very focused and sweet.

    1. Thanks, Dorina. Jonathan will work more on it tomorrow. Then I can post more pictures.

      You did fencing? That's impressive. We had snow/rain (actually "Graupel", remember?) today and it was very cold and unfriendly outside: No procession for Palm Sunday in church.

      Veronika finished her second little washcloth, now she wants to learn knitting.

  4. I'm finally managing to catch up! I hope you manage to find a workable way for C and J to continue with their fencing lessons - not easy for Peter doing all the running around though.

    Thanks for sharing some of sunshine, we had unseasonably hot weather for the first part of the week. It's been cooler these past few days but it has not stopped garden play. The fresh air and exercise has done B and P good... little miss PJ fell asleep in her dinner this evening!!

    We have finally sorted a new lap top so I'll be blogging from the familiarity of my own set up. It has been useful to use Sara's PC but my oh my, that girl has a weird desk top set up!!

    Palm Sunday blessings to you all.

    Sana and co xx

    1. It would be great to continue. There are three other boys from here, who want to continue, but they like to go Wednesdays and we already have ballet on Wednesdays. Maybe after Easter we can work something out. If we find a way to harmonize our schedule with them, the parents could take turns driving them.

      I gave you our sunshine and you must have given us your rain. It's cold and snowy here, we didn't go outside at all (except to the car to drive to church). So great you got a chance to play outside and everybody is really tired out. Fresh air works wonders in children, doesn't it?

      Good you are back to blogging. Did you see that the blogging menu is going to change? I accidentally clicked on "take a look at our new menu now" and ended up having to use it already. Needs some getting used to. I'm not sure that it's really an improvement.

      I hope you had a festive Palm Sunday.


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