Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Can Also Ride My Bike!/Ich kann auch radfahren!

Miriam has always done things in a different order than her siblings.  She hadn't tried riding her bike without training wheels.  When she saw that even Veronika could do it, she simply decided that she should try it too.  So she sat down and rode down the street as if she had never done it any other way.  Only her braking needs some work.  I was so happy for her and I know it means a lot to her to be able to ride her bike now like all her siblings (except Flora). 

Miriam hat immer viele Dinge in ihrem Leben anders als ihre Geschwister gemacht.  Sie hat bisher nicht versucht, ohne Stützräder Rad zu fahren, doch als sie bei Veronika gesehen hat, daß es gar nicht so schwierig ist, hat sie sich einfach auf ihr Rad ohne Stützräder gesetzt und ist losgefahren.  Es sah aus, als ob sie nie anders Rad gefahren wäre.  Nur beim Bremsen hapert es noch etwas.  Ich habe mich so für sie gefreut und ich glaube, es ist sehr wichtig für sie, daß sie nun wie ihre Geschwister (bis auf Flora) fahren kann. 

Jonathan participated in a science day with other homeschoolers at a local college, east from here.  They only learned to use a microscope, though, so he was a little bit disappointed.  But he also got a much needed haircut during his outing.  While he was at the science workshops, Veronika went to a cafe with her daddy.  That was one of her birthday presents. 

Jonathan hat mit anderen Heimschülern an einem Naturwissenschaftstag in einer anderen Stadt östlich von hier teilgenommen.  Sie haben aber nur ein Mikroskop benutzt.  Das war ihm doch zu wenig.  Er war jedoch auch beim Friseur, so daß der Tag nicht ganz umsonst war.  Während Jonathan sich mit Mikroskopen beschäftigt hat, waren Veronika und ihr Papa in einem Café.  Das ist noch ein verspätetes Geburtstagsgeschenk gewesen.   

Charlotte did some nice work on Pythagoras, and Miriam wrote a story on a topic she hasn't revealed to me. 

Charlotte hat gute Arbeit über Pythagoras geleistet und Miriam hat eine Geschichte zu einem mir bisher unbekannten Thema geschrieben.  

In our front flower bed, the first snowdrops and crocus are showing, but it's supposed to snow again on the weekend. 

In unserem Blumenbeet wachsen die ersten Schneeglöckchen und Krokusse, auch wenn es am Wochenend wieder schneien soll. 


  1. hello eva, aren't children amazing how they learn and how they decide to do things? congratulations to miriam. what a wonderful day for her. and i hope jonathan's next science day will be a little more involved and challenging for him.

    your snowdrops are so pretty, as are the crocuses. i hope they hold up when it snows. we haven't had any snow here except in october. we have plants growing, and if it snowed i'm not sure how they would do.

    1. That's so true. Sometimes they remind me of a pretty flower bud that needs time to open. Miriam kept riding her bike today for a long time again. She is so happy!

      We had very strong winds this morning with a little bit of sunshine, but this afternoon it snowed again. I hope the snow won't move your way!

      I hope to send you the recipe tomorrow!

  2. Well done to Miriam. I agree with Dorina aren't kids amazing in how they learn and what joy for Miriam not to be bamboozled into doing things before she herself feels she is ready. That's the joy of homeschooling, everyone is encouraged to learn at their own pace.

    We've had some spring sunshine these past few days interspersed with the odd heavy shower, but those blue skies even for a short period are so uplifting.

    Hope you have a good weekend

    Love and hugs San xx

    1. San, that's true about being homeschooled. You can take your time to learn things and do them when the moment feels right to you.

      Yes, even we had a little bit of sun this morning. It gives you much more energy, I think.

      Wishing you and Dorina a lovely Sunday!

  3. Hurray for Miriam! I'm glad to see spring is beginning to arrive in your area...beautiful snowdrops.

    I just bought Spelling Wisdom from SCM today for next year(9th grade). It will cover vocabulary to some extent as well.

    My son has had so much grammar, and is quite good with this, so next year we will be concentrating on CM style writing(written narrations) with living books(classics and non-fiction for history and science), and copy work.

    I think we'll start Dr. Wylie late in ninth or the next year.

    Math will be Christian Light Education graded math workbooks, and helps/lessons from books purchased on

    I'll share specific books as we go along on my main blog.

    I'm really leaning toward CM for my daughter, Olivia. We are almost doing this now, so it would not be much of a stretch.

    1. Thanks, Alexandra. It's so nice to see some flowers, although today it was 5 below zero Celsius.

      We have Spelling Wisdom, but I haven't looked at the high school texts. Which level did you buy?

      Will you use Mater amabilis or Ambleside or SCM or something else for CM? Do you know about Maria Rioux and her husband Jean? They have put together a curriculum that combines CM with the classical approach. There are some interesting ideas there! You can view it free online here.

  4. Oops, I meant Dr. Wile. I went ahead and purchased the older version from Amazon. They(book and solutions) were so inexpensive, less than $5.00 each! I wanted to do just reading science books(biographies and factual) for ninth, but I changed my mind. I guess I'm too worried about him missing something.

    1. I thought that's what you meant :). I sometimes get confused with all these different names also! That's really cheap! I wonder how different the older versions are. I understand your feelings about missing something for high school! I feel the same. All of a sudden I have to think that there are only four more years left for me to teach Jonathan! That is such a short time, really.

  5. I've looked at all those CM choices, and I liked a little from each. I'll pick and choose among the different Charlotte Mason suggested books. I got level 3(grades 7-9) for Spelling Wisdom. I hope it's not too easy because Jeremy will be coming in at the last year for this level.

    I'll check the "Maria and John Rioux" link, thanks!

    I know, four year is like the blink of the eye!

    1. I have to take a look at these again. I haven't decided if I want to continue dictation or not. Right now we are using an old dictation series (grades 2-8) I found on google books.

  6. May I have the title? I'd like to take a look at it.

    I received the Spelling Wisdom this past week, and it is a bit simple at the beginning, and many of the selections are ones I have easy access to, but it is nice to have it handy and not have to search for it. Mostly, it's a time saver. We'll use it for copy and vocabulary work. I thought it was a bit pricey, but I understand why they charge so much(high overhead). I'll buy an old reprint for $12.00 next time.

    1. It's called The Modern Speller by Kate van Wagenen. There is also a different version of the same book called "Dication Day by Day." There is a different book for each grade (2-8) although you can also find copies of this book with several grades in one book. You have to look around a bit to find the right ones. If you give me the grade you are interested in, I could give you the specific link. I think they are much better than "Spelling Wisdom" for grades 2-8. I haven't found a high school version, though.

  7. Thank you. You have sent me on the right path. :)


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