Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vanilla, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Coriander, Anise, and Ginger/Vanille, Muskatnuß, Zimt, Kardamom, Koriander, Anis und Ingwer

Those are some of the spices we used today and yesterday in our baking.  Some of the results can be seen below.

Das sind einige der Gewürze, die wir heute und gestern beim Backen benutzt haben.  Einige der Resultate kann man unten sehen.  

Making cinnamon stars/Zimtsterne backen

Stirring the batter/Rühren des Teiges

Lemon cookies/Zitronenplätzchen

Cinnamon stars/Zimsterne
(We don't use white sugar, so ours are darker than the traditional German ones.  Wir benutzen keinen weißen Zucker und deshalb sind unsere Zimsterne etwas dunkler als die herkömmlichen.)


We also prepared dough for anise cookies, Spekulatius, and Vanillekipferl.  Wir haben auch Teig für Anisplätzchen, Spekulatius und Vanillekipferl vorbereitet.  


  1. Mmmmh... das duftet ja quer über den Ozean bis hier herüber zu uns! :))

  2. Wie wundervoll all deine Kinder an der Arbeit :)
    Ein wunderschönes Bild ist das, zum Dahinschmelzen! Alles Liebe. maria

  3. Yum...your house must have smelled wonderfully. BTW, I don't think I could have handled winters at St. Olaf, so I went to CLU out here in California : D

  4. so busy!! holiday baking is so fun when done all together :) i wish we could just pop by your house for dessert! everything looks delicious, eva. i made the dough for butter cookies, but we still must cut them out :) we'll also make more truffles, and morgana has been asking for biscotti. and i made another gingerbread!)

  5. Your Christmas treats look and I bet they smelt yummmy.

    I've made a birthday cake for Pip for tomorrow and probably some mince pies over the weekend. Too much sweet stuff in our house is bad news... me for my waistline and Benedict with his blood sugars!!

    Hugs to you all San and co xx

  6. Danke für die lieben Worte, Sybille und Maria! Gern würde ich Euch ein paar Plätzchen zukommen lassen. Leider ist die Distanz zu groß :).

  7. Hello Jenny, so you only spent one semester there? I think the winters there are like our winters here. Do you ever get snow in California? I traveled in California for several weeks more than 20 years ago. I especially liked the north.

  8. Hello Dorina, well it's probably a six hour drive. If you leave early enough . . . What gingerbread recipe do you use? Good luck with with the other baking! I have never made biscotti, but don't they take a long time?

  9. Hello San, I know what you are saying about sugar! We don't eat or buy very much sugar (we prefer dried cane sugar, like sucanat) and I normally don't eat sugar at all. We will ration these cookies over the 12 days of Christmas! This is the only time in the year I bake so much. So it's very special for the children. We use all my old childhood Christmas recipes.


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