Tuesday, December 6, 2011

St. Nicholas/Nikolaustag

Saint Nicholas stopped at our house last night and brought some nuts, Mandarin oranges, and a piece of "Kinderschokolade," some special chocolate from Germany.  The children were happy that his horse had eaten the oats they had put out and had left them a gold and silver heart.  We also had some St. Nicholas soup: a bisque made of carrots, parsnips, onions, garlic, beets, some herbs, and coconut milk.  The color was perfect.

Der heilige Nikolaus war letzte Nacht bei uns und hat Nüsse, Mandarinen und sogar ein Stück Kinderschokolade gebracht.  Die Kinder waren ganz glücklich, daß sein Schimmel die rausgestellten Haferflocken gegessen hatte.  Als Dankeschön haben sie ein silbernes und goldenes Herz gefunden.  Dann gab es auch noch Nikolaussuppe: eine Cremesuppe aus Möhren, Pastinaken, Zwiebeln, Knoblauch, roter Beete, Kräutern und Kokosmilch.  Die Farbe war perfekt! 

Our Saint Nicholas picture book this year is The Real Santa Claus.  It contains many of the most famous legends.

Unser Nikolausbuch dieses Jahr ist The Real Santa Claus, ein Buch welches die bekanntesten Legenden über Nikolaus wiedergibt und schön bebildert.  

Some other activities of the last two days are painting Christmas gifts (and noses),

Was haben wir die letzten beiden Tage sonst noch gemacht?  Anmalen von Weihnachtsgeschenken (und Nasen),

studying and drawing pyramids with David Macaulay in his book Pyramid and also by watching his DVD, and

genaueres Untersuchen und Zeichnen der Pyramiden mit David Macaulay und seinem Buch Wo die Pyramiden stehen und seiner gleichnamigen DVD, die es aber nur auf Englisch gibt und    

unfinished/noch nicht fertig

painting the third day of creation.  We also try to read some Jewish picture books.  Something from Nothing is one of them, a book you can read again and again and again.  The pictures are just exquisite.

Malen des dritten Schöpfungstages.  Wir versuchen auch einige jüdische Bücher zu lesen.  Something from Nothing kann man immer wieder lesen, so schön sind Bilder und Text.


  1. Hmm...I've never done the shoe tradition until I started hs. I'll need to research some more so I can figure out which countries tradition we're celebrating ; )
    Those treats look great. The first time we did this, a few years back, one of the moms brought nuts sprayed with gold paint to put in the shoes.

  2. The soup looks very festive. We get the Kinder chocolate here in the UK, it is yummy.

    Do I spy a very cheeky Flora in the picture?!! I think her and Pip would be partners in crime!!

    Hugs San x

  3. We do this as well, but my camera is not working. My mother would always put our candies in a Dutch shoe, so I do the same. I found a nice vintage pair on ebay to carry on the tradition. :).

    Sweet picture...looks like my daughter with the paints. ;)

  4. Hello Jenny, I just found out that there are some Germans who put out both shoes!! Maybe it's a regional difference. All people I knew as a child did one shoe, though.

  5. The Kinder chocolate was already popular when I was a child. It's actually Italian and made by the same company that makes "Nutella."

    I guess Flora can be very cheeky, but normally she gives you a good reason for it -- she loves to argue! Too bad we can't get her and Pip together for a playdate.

  6. happy st. nicholas day, eva! your soup looks yummy, and _the real santa claus_ looks like a fun and interesting book. i remember looking through it a number of years ago at a friend's house.

    flora is so cute! she looks very impish in this picture :)

  7. Alexandra, is there one shoe for the whole family in your house?

  8. Hello Dorina, thank you so much. Yes, Flora is like a little imp sometimes, but also very sweet and helpful.


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