Wednesday, December 14, 2011

De bon matin (Les Rois Mages)

After a beautiful Swedish song yesterday, we are now into French singing!  All the children are learning "De bon matin."  Miriam is using Book 1 from Skoldo French.  Right now they have some wonderful Christmas materials, some are free!  Check out their offers here.  Among the Christmas music is De bon matin.  Last week, the website still had samples of the songs, I don't know what happened to them.  The traditional version they sell is very nicely sung, though.  We also printed out the music for recorder so Jonathan and Charlotte can practice.  There seem to be different versions of the song, but they are all wonderful.  Here is one and below is another one:

Nach einem wunderschönen schwedischen Lied gestern, singen wir alle jetzt Französisch.  Die Kinder lernen "De bon matin".  Miriams Französischbuchverlag Skoldo hat im Moment viele weihnachtliche Angebote, u.a. auch Weihnachtslieder.  Einige der Angebote sind sogar kostenlos!  Man kann sie hier sehen.  Letzte Woche konnte man in die Lieder noch reinhören.  Heute ging das nicht, ich weiß nicht warum.  "De bon matin" gibt es aber dort zu kaufen.  Man bekommt den Liedertext mit Gesang (eine schöne Frauenstimme singt das Lied mit musikalischer Begleitung) gegen eine geringe Bezahlung.  Wir haben auch die Noten ausgedruckt, damit Jonathan und Charlotte das Lied auf der Blockflöte spielen können.  Es scheint verschiedene Varianten des Liedes zu geben, aber sie sind alle schön.  Oben ist eine Variante und hier ist eine zweite.

Copywork in French for Miriam/Abschreiben auf Französisch für Miriam


  1. both versions are beautiful. i enjoy hearing them. all of you are having such fun! it's a wonderful holiday time at your home. thanks for sharing :)

    where did you get your recorders? i'd like to get some for m and c. we have lovely pentatonic ones, but it would be nice for the diatonic.

  2. You know, I get my recorders in Germany. We never bought pentatonic ones because you can always play all the pentatonic ones on a diatonic recorder :). I like Mollenhauer and Moeck recorders. Maybe I can find out where you can buy those here.

  3. there seems to be a few different styles of each brand of recorder. do you know which ones you have?
    there's a man in california with a business called "lazar's early music," who sells them. let me know if you hear of anyone else.

    do you find that you prefer one brand over the other?

  4. It depends on the fingering you want to use. I learned the German style, but my siblings later learned the Baroque style. The German style is easier and works for most songs. The Baroque style lets you play the low c sharp, which cannot be played with the German fingering. The baroque recorder has one whole more. My children all have the German style fingering recorder. I prefer Mollenhauer over Moeck. Pearwood is a good choice. It's important to get the same brand, though, when you order several recorders. Normally Moeck recorders are a little bit higher than the Mollenhauer for the same note. I will take a look at the two companies again to give you more specific suggestions and to tell you the exact model numbers we have. Jonathan uses my uncle's Mollenhauer recorder and I use my Mollenhauer recorder I received more than 30 years ago. Must be good quality!

  5. Here is another store, even in NY: Courtly Music. They sell both brands. Then there is Magnamusic in CT. I've ordered accessories from them before.

    We use the "Student" model from Mollenhauer. You can get it in dark or light. The light model can be seen here. I'll write more later. I need to get to the post office!

  6. thanks so much, eva! and i'm glad you got to the post office!

  7. i must say, i love the mollenhauers. they just look so beautiful, and they seem to have a special tonal quality i think i would love too. however, magnamusic has a sale on their moeck school model maple sopranos(MK124/1240): $33.76!

  8. That is a good deal! Maplewood recorders are normally somewhat cheaper than pearwood because they are a little bit heavier. Some people prefer pearwood because it feels better in the hand, but the sound is the same as maplewood. With that price, I would probably go for the maple as well.


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