Friday, December 2, 2011

Et introibo ad altare Dei: ad Deum qui laetificat juventutem meam.

Jonathan has asked the pastor of our Tuesday morning church, if he could be an altar server for their Latin Mass on Sundays.  Father agreed and now we are studying the Latin responses an altar server has to say during that Mass.  We are using the church's booklet Latin-English Sunday Missal, and a booklet we picked up in London where we attended Latin Masses on Sundays more than almost eight  years ago.  I also found a website that leads the altar server through his responses.

Jonathan hat den Pfarrer unserer Dienstagsgemeinde gefragt, ob er Meßdiener in der lateinischen Sonntagsmesse sein dürfe.  Der Pfarrer hat ihm die Erlaubnis gegeben, doch muß er erst die lateinischen Antworten, die der Meßdiener sprechen muß, auswendig lernen.  Wir benutzen dafür das Büchlein, welches auch in der Kirche für die Messe benutzt wird (Latin-English Sunday Missal) und wo wir die Antworten für den Meßdiener markiert haben, und ein ähnliches, welches wir vor ungefähr acht Jahren in London gekauft haben.  Dort sind wir sonntags häufig zur lateinischen Messe gegangen.  Ich habe auch eine gute Website gefunden, die für Meßdiener selbst geschrieben ist und einem bei der Aussprache der lateinischen Antworten weiterhilft.  


  1. I attended a Latin Mass many years ago, the only response the congregation made was Amen upon receiving the Lord in communion. During the Mass the server made all the responses and we sat in silence.

    Since it was my first time attending such a mass I'm wondering is this universal or do you do things differently in America?

    Hope you have a good weekend.

    Love San x

  2. It's the same, except that our church asks the congregation to say the Gloria and Creed with the server.

  3. i think it's nice that the congregation gets to say more.

    sounds wonderful for jonathan!

  4. Yes, it's nice that we can also try our Latin!

    It's such a different atmosphere at a Latin Mass. If it's done well, it can be very meaningful I think. It's not a place to take really small children, though. It's also very helpful to follow along in the booklets. Once you get into it, the language is very meaningful. I think a Latin Mass has to grow on you to really touch you. It takes time and also some study to appreciate it. I saw my first one in London and was bewildered, but also fascinated. I'm thankful that we have the opportunity in our rural area to hear such a Mass. It's not like in London of course, but great for children to learn it.


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