Friday, October 21, 2011

Japanese Drums/Japanische Trommeln

We tried something different today: Japanese drums.  Together with some friends from one of our homeschooling groups we went to see and hear Taikoza:

Wir haben heute mal etwas Neues ausprobiert: japanische Trommeln.  Zusammen mit einigen Freunden von einer unserer Hausunterrichtsgruppen haben wir Taikoza gehört und gesehen:

Taikoza demo from TAIKOZA on Vimeo.

Flora thought it was too loud, so I had to take her out, but the others enjoyed it.  Flora hat gedacht, daß es zu laut war und so bin ich mit ihr raus gegangen.  Den anderen hat es aber gefallen.  


  1. hello eva! i love japanese drums. i find them very exciting and moving. we hear them at the japanese cherry blossom festival in the brooklyn botanic garden every year. i always have a moment of "i MUST run away with the japanese drummers." the group we hear every year is called "soh daiko."

  2. I took a look at "your" group, very similar to ours. Unfortunately, the room where ours performed was so small that the drums were too loud! That's why I had to take Flora out. It would be so much better to see and hear them outside.


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