Thursday, October 20, 2011


We found a great woodcarving magazine called Complete Starter Guide to Whittling.  Jonathan is working on an owl from it.

Wir haben eine tolle Schnitzzeitschrift gefunden, die Complete Starter Guide to Whittling heißt.  Jonathan macht daraus eine Eule.  


  1. Well done you guys for a display of interesting a varied handwork.

    Wishing you all a blessed weekend.

    San and co xx

  2. Thank you, San. Flora also wanted to carve and so we gave her a blunt knife. She was very proud of her "work."

    Wishing you a good weekend also.

  3. hello eva, the magazine sounds wonderful. i always thought we would have benefited from a woodworking class. is the owl in a certain numbered issue?

  4. The owl is in the issue I linked to. You can take a look at the magazine here.

  5. We found the magazine in our grocery store


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