Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"School Child"/Schulkind

Veronika is growing up!  She made her very first gnome today.  We have been reading Pelle's New Suit and also the non-fiction book How We Use Wool as part of the kindergarten suggestions at Wee Folk Art.  Our craft for the week was making a felt gnome.  Veronika cut it out, sewed it together and stuffed it with wool, all by herself.

Tonight, after I had returned with Jonathan from another episode of Catholicism, she lost her first tooth.  In Germany that is one of the big signs that a child is ready to start school, i.e. to learn to read and write and do arithmetic.  Now we are waiting for the tooth fairy to come.

Veronika's tooth fairy pillow (front)/Veronikas Zahnfeekissen von vorne

Veronika's tooth fairy pillow (back), the tooth is a pocket/Veronikas Zahnfeekissen von hinten, der Zahn ist eine Tasche  

Veronika wird älter!  Sie hat heute ihren ersten Wichtel ganz alleine gemacht.  Wir lesen im Moment das Bilderbuch Pelles neue Kleider und auch ein Sachbuch über Wolle, beide Bücher sind Vorschläge des Kindergartenlehrplans bei Wee Folk Art.  Unsere Bastelei für diese Woche war daher auch ein Wollfilzwichtel.  Veronika hat ihn ausgeschnitten, zusammengenäht und mit Wolle gefüllt.  Nachem ich heute abend von einer weiteren Episode der Serie Catholicism mit Jonathan zurückgekehrt war, hat sie dann noch ihren ersten Zahn verloren.  Nun ist sie also ein Schulkind.  Jetzt muß nur noch die Zahnfee kommen.


  1. She did a wonderful job with her gnome! My six year old lost two teeth within the past few months. We couldn't find either one. :( She wasn't interested in the tooth fairy though. My son use to love getting those gifts. What a sweet fairy pillow you have.

  2. Toll, Veronika! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! :)

  3. Thank you, Alexandra. She made a second gnome today and wants to make a whole family. When Jonathan lost his first tooth we were on vacation in Switzerland. We also lost that one. All of my children still wait for the tooth fairy. Sometimes it takes a long time until she comes. Then they write her letters to tell her to hurry up.:)

    Your daughter is also truly a "school child" now. That fits with her interest in reading!

  4. congratulations to veronika! her gnome is beautiful and cheerful. what a very special day in your home :)

    (i love the tooth fairy pillow.)

  5. Thank you, Dorina. Her godmother sent the pillow from North Carolina. It's filled with lavender.


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